• What is life? For me life is work. Since the age of around 6 you go through all the years of school and then you have college after college you work until you retire and then you die. Does that sound fulfilling ? You say no but the memories are what count. What is your ideal of a friend? Is it some one who makes you feel bad all the time but is fun to hang out with? What do your friends really think of you? Do you really want to live life always working what is the point of life if in the end your just going to die? What do you think? What are you going to do after you die? I know we're I'm going I'm going to heaven the real life heaven because I believe in a man named Jesus a man who died on a cross for all my horrible sins have you lied stealer or cheated do you feel empty do you need a friend? Well this man can help you overcome all that. Read King James Version bible genises 3:16 and Ephiesions2:8and9 and hopefully they will help you