Ohey- An introduction, if I may...

  •      I feel as though it wouldn't be right until I somewhat introduced myself to the communnity. So hello!
    I stumbled upon this site a few days ago while at work, and I've got to say- really enjoying what I've seen so far. Everyone seems so friendly and eager to help out, which is always a plus, and also extremely relieving to see on the internet in general now-a-days.

    As you could have probably guessed, I'm here mostly to sputter forth the whimsicle, random and -sometimes- sexy or dark doodles that manage to make their way from my crazy, boggled mind, and onto whatever sketch paper I have available to me! 

    So, yes... I look forward to making at least a few of your aquaintances~




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  • Nidhoggr
    Nidhoggr Welcome, your artwork is impressive.
    May 15, 2016