Untitled (Old writing piece)

  • Some writer's notes beforehand!! First off...I've gotta say, I'm 50% proud and just as equally 50% embarrassed by this low-brow manga-based piece right here! But hey! I was 14 when I wrote this-MAYBE younger..So it can't be that bad, riight? Anyway, enjoy some Introduction to something I wrote YEARSSS ago~


    Chapter 01: Blow those words out the back of your head              
    [Tuesday, May 20th; 03:45pm]

    This was no surprise to Cyrus, as he stood, light headed and faint, inheriting that oh so familiar churning inside his stomach; just waiting on the vomit; only mere inches from who he thought to be someone he 'loved'. He watched her; he watched how Noel slurred her bullshit words with pathetic hesitance; how she kept looking away; pivoting back and forth as she forced and made up excuses from her trembled, nervous lips. 'It wasn't working.' She kept hinting, but Cyrus refused to pick up the hint. He knew it hadn't been. He knew from the moment she told him 'I'm not mature enough for this much commitment.I'm just a kid' And that had been admitted almost  a year and a half ago.They walked silently for a few moments until Cyrus decided to break their lack of words.

    "Alright, Noel," He stopped abruptly, swiftly turning around to face her, looking down with a somewhat fed up expression. "You leave me." He continued; monotone. "You leave me right here, now. At this moment, place and time. And tomorrow, I won't be there; waiting for you by that big tree, in front of your school. I'll just leave mine, and go home. We won't speak ever again, alright? Okay? After today, Noel, I'm gone, and we'll pretend there was nothing. Like it was -all- nothing."   
          Cyrus watched her; somewhat hoping she'd reconsider her train of thought. Hoping she would do what was expected. And so, like every other time...

    "...Well I..-" She mumbled, handling the violin case she had swung over and around her back;a strings student. A little sigh released itself as she came forth; wrapping lose arms around his waist.
    "Maybe I'm just having an off day...and I-" "You what?" Cyrus asked quietly, returning with an embrace of his own. Noel shook her head, letting go and backing herself away, looking up with a fake smile.
    "You love me too much, Cye, It's not healthy."  Cyrus shook his head with brief laughter, cutting her expression as far out of his mind as he could.
    "Yeah-ha...That's just it." Rolled eyes, humoring the little girl that stood before him. Sadly, that's really all she was. A little girl. A little thirteen year old brat who was spoiled and would do anything to make a name for herself. And dating a boy who was three years older and in freshman year, certainly seemed to be her spotlight for the time being.

    Another silence rolled on between the two as they now reached Noel's destination, the same as every Thursday afternoon at four pm. Violin rehearsal. She would always go on about wanting to actually make something of herself, besides her foolish dream of becoming a video game maker. And how being a famous violinist would make her look so elegant. To Cyrus, it was all bullshit. All he cared about at this point, was counting down the days and weeks, surviving them with a 'girlfriend' and not being alone. He didn't really care if he was miserable ninety percent of the time, at least he could say things like 'yeah, I've got me a girl.' And that was that.

    Noel stopped, clearing her throat as she extended a hand and waved.
    "Cya tomorrow at lunch then?"  Her voice still held that tone of 'I'm being completely fake but I'm going to assume you can't tell and think everything is back to normal.' Cyrus didn't buy it, but as always, liked to ignore it for something else. Something that it wasn't. But this time, for some reason, he couldn't do it. For he noticed something. As his eyes caught notice of her hand, noticing the ring he had bought her for Christmas that year lacked it's place upon her middle finger; right hand, he once again regained a squeamish feeling within his abdomen.

    "Noel, where's the ring?" He demanded.
    "Ring..?" She hesitantly peeped. "Oh! Oh my ring; the one you- Ohh! Yeah, sorry, Cye~"
    He knew they were done. It had been over from the first time she pulled this.
    " I took it off because I got a shower this morning." "But you always keep it on, don't you?"
    "Yeah..." She shyed, "But I was afraid to lose it, I'll have it tomorrow for you, don't worry!" A smile followed by a neck dip forward was gestured. Cyrus backed away.
    "No kiss?" "Figured you wouldn't want one." He shrugged, not caring either way.
    "Of course, I love your kisses!~" She chimed too sweetly.
    "Yeah, Noel..." Came a small grunt as Cyrus made a gloomy attempt to plant just a small kiss within the corner of her lips. The effort made on Noel's side made him cringe. Such a fake feeling took hold of Cyrus' subconscious as he, for the first time was the one to pull away and turn his back to her. "Tomorrow I guess." He muttered; feet picking up a slow and shuffled rhythm as he began to walk away.

    [Friday, May 23rd; 11:15am]

    Quick and long steps proceeded down a large line of fast food restaurants as well as small and home business shops as Cyrus made his way to lunch, as he did almost every day throughout the week. He could feel, despite Noel telling him they were still 'alright', that things were only just about to get worse. 'No ring? Because of a shower? Fuck that!' He thought. This was true. For Noel had never thought even twice about removing that ring from her finger. But the more Cyrus dwelled upon his misfortune, the more of a big 'whatever' it became. Perhaps seperation was for the best.
    He entered the McDonald's as he turned right.

    Pushing himself through a wing of glass doors, his eyes began to wander about; in search of Noel. And to his dismay followed by two other of her young pathetic friends. The one sitting next to her was Kayla. Nose pierced, black hair, patted push-up bras that were way more than likely hard as rock. And not to mention an embarrassing attempt at dark make-up. She looked like something out of a vampire freak's pop up add. It truly made him shake his head. The second teenie-bopper made him ill. There was just no words to describe her as other than a big epic failure. Kelsie. Cyrus and Kelsie went way back. Since Daycare. And even then he had hated her. Nose pierced, Spaniard, long dark hair; wavy. Body; an awkward pair shape. She gestured a hyper wave, signaling for him to sit down.

    "Cyrus!! Over here; oh hey!"
    He rolled eyes, dreading each and every word spoken by this girl. For she was nothing more than a little girl herself; trying to act too grown up for her own good. Kayla merely waved. Not much was wrong with her; in Cyrus' opinion. But like any other middle school student, she tried too hard. And try as he may to block out the high-pitched shrill of Kelsie dreadful voice, he somehow just couldn't.
    He sluggishly slouched down into a seat as he found his way over to them, eye contact an instant fail.

    "So...How were your morning classes, Cye?" Came a sweet and cheery questioning. Noel of course. She always knew how to perk up a situation. At first, Cyrus held back an answer. Instead he decided to study her for what may have seemed like the last time. Her shoulder length black hair, the same as always; a side bang. And that cute little yellow bow, and how her words seemed to mingle about like a fly in panic, attempting it's escape from a spider's web.Her words were nothing but bullshit...

    Cyrus shook his head. His mind warping into a Gothic state of mind. Something normal for him it seemed. He released a heavy sigh as he couldn't help but notice the guilty expression all three girls held.
    Noel swallowed rather uncomfortable, picking up on her 'boyfriend's' lack of co-operation in conversation. Just decided to try another approach.

    "So what're you gonna have for lunch, Cye? A burger, fries, snack wrap-" "You know I don't normally eat at lunch." He snapped. "Plus, this is shit. I'm surprised you aren't the size of Kelsie over there, eatin' this crap every day."
    "Cyrus!" Noel exclaimed, a small amount of laughter awkwardly distributed.

    Just then, an awkward silence over came the group, but it didn't seem relevant to Cyrus' rude comment just made.
    Kelsie cleared her throat, obviously pretending she heard nothing. "Cyrus..." She said sternly, looking across, dead eyed center. He waited, no doubt she would try and defend herself, but he was wrong. Dead wrong. He realized this when looking down at Noel's gentle hand, supporting her defined jaw line as she refused eye contact.

    "Can I talk to you for a sec? In private..? We need to have a chat."
    "No.." He muttered, closing his eyes; head shaking. "What?" She questioned.
    "I said no. Where's the ring. Noel? Got another shower this morning, forgot it again?"

    Noel, looked up, colour drained from her face, lips trembling for words to speak. "I..-Cyrus, well you see I.."
    "Wow.." He chuckled,
    "You actually doing this, huh? Here...? In Micky dees? really?"
    Noel, again, attempting to justify herself, said nothing though she tried. She could feel the raise of his tone, things weren't going to go well.

    "So yesterday?! Everything you said? Lies, right!? Fucking lies; making me think we were okay?!" He demanded, coming to a stand with slammed palms against the table's surface.
    "No. Cyrus...You're making a scene, stop!" "A scene!? I'm making a scene?" He laughed, as if in mental disbelief. "I'll show you a fucking scene! Give me the fucking ring!" He screamed, causing heads within the restaurant to turn and settle uncomfortable eyes on the two. One boy in particular, sitting in the farthest corner; sipping kindly on a strawed beverage, ached his curious neck, covered by a large flanal indie scarf.
    Meanwhile, Cyrus stood, and despite  him in all of his fury, felt rather foolish. Perhaps this had been as angry as he'd ever been. So angry in fact, calming down was the last thing on the mind. He slammed his hand down, open, awaiting what he demanded of Noel, only to have Kelsie place it in his hand.

    "What the fuck are you doing with it!?" He hollered.
    "I gave it to her!" Noel defended. "I wanted her to do it..." "So, you're a coward?" He asked, for some reason calmly.
    She refused a response.
    "You all are fucking wrapped up in one another. Fucking sluts!" He hurled insults, followed by the abrupt action of picking up what had left of Kayla's coke cup and beaming it forth to spill all over Noel's fine white shirt. She gasped, not being able to do much more.
    "Fuck you!" He screamed. "Fuck you all! You were ALL in on this! You guys knew she was doing this to me today?!"
    Kelsie said nothing, as Kayla did exactly the same.
    "This is ridiculous..." Laughed Cyrus as he then grabbed his school bag and turned about, ready to head out, ring jammed into the deep pocket of his TRIP pants. Nearing the door to depart, a small snicker stopped him dead within his tracks. He turned his head as he then saw a small boy with dark skin and glasses with a bandanna flattening his hair. Cyrus waltz over, angrily questioning him.

    "The fuck you laughin' about!?"
    The boy looked up at him rather calmly, smirking a little.
    " 'Cuz just got dumped, eh?" He responded with an arched eyebrow. "In Micky dees no less!"
    "Fucking punk!" Snarled Cyrus, reaching forth to grab him by the collar, bringing him to an elevated position.
    "Hey!" He cried, "Screw off, kid! I was kidding! Let me go you asshole!!"

    Cyrus, released his grip when being confronted by a store manager. "Hey, you punk! I think it's time you leave here before I call the cops!"
    The assaulted boy landed abruptly, hitting the floor as he watched the six foot four blonde, dressed in black take an angered leave, using his steel toed combat boots to open the door for him, proceeding to stomp down the street and out of view.
    Despite it only being lunch time, Cyrus' last priority was to return for afternoon classes. And so, he made his way to the closest bus terminal. Perhaps an afternoon home and of sleeping would do him some good. After all, now that Noel had nothing to do with his life anymore, perhaps things would begin to look less dramatic. Or at least, he had hoped.