Oh, hi... ^_^

  • Don't mind me... I'm just introducing myself here. ;^_^>

    I'm a bit nervous, as it's been a long while since I've tried a forum like this. I am an akward woman (to say the very least and I'm just looking for good conversations about anime or life in general... or video games, movies, writing, music, art, or science. I have moved from Philadelphia to Minnesota (USA) about three years ago and haven't made any new friends yet. The other day, a nurse (a routine medical check-up) began to strike up a conversation with me about anime, as she noticed my Fruit Basket bag and is a fan of anime. I had a blast with that short conversation and I realized that it's been ages since I had any pals to chat with about anime. Most people my age regard it as "just kid stuff" or worse yet... "cartoons". >_>

    So, I stumbled around Google search a bit and this site looked interesting. I thought I would give it a try! ^_^

    I've been a long time fan (addict) of anime since age 12 and I'm currently age 35. I hope that I'm not "too old" for this site. Anyhoo... yeah... that's all that I have to say for myself. Hello and it's very nice to meet you! ^o^/