Nerd Shopping!

  • My family often has a hard time shopping gifts for me, even though I'm not materialistic whatsoever. I accept any gift, within reason (for example, no pink dresses or anything girly like that, please!), as I'm appreciative and can make use out of almost anything (not the pink dress... that's why I don't want it!). I tell them that video games, anime DVDs, or books are perfect gifts for me... but then I get that long thousand yard stare, as if I just spoke another language altogether. o_o

    So, I've decided to make a wish-list on Amazon for them. Sadly, I have barely filled the list with five items, because most things I want - I buy for myself already. However, I did add one nerdy item on my list that I'm SO tempted to buy myself! It's this mug:

    I'll explain why this is awesome! This, ladies and gentlemen, is called "The Standard Model". It's a mathematical equation that notes everything in the known universe. It's you, me, every tree, animal, planet, star, galaxy, atom, everything in the universe condensed to one tiny equation. Pretty neat, huh? ^_^

    I love the irony of drinking coffee from such a mug, it tickles my nerdy sense of humor! So, I want this mug so much! It cost $13 and I can easily afford it... but I'm trying to leave it on my wish-list. Sigh. 

    That is all, I just wanted to add another blog here for no good reason. ^____^