Gone... But Around.

  • I owe a lot to this site, as this is where I met my best friend. ^_^

    For those on my friend-list, you may notice that I don't log on much to this site. I do so to add new people to my list, who send requests because I don't wish to be rude and leave people hanging without a response. Sure, I'll add you to my friend list, no problem! And sure, if you have a cool group invite, then I shall join it. BUT... please don't get your hopes up that I'll be active on this site right now. Sorry. u_u

    I'm kind of busy with life right now... I'm still watching anime, though. I love One Punch Man a lot! ^o^/

    I didn't care for Fairy Tale or a few popular anime of the young folks these days. I'm sorry, I'm OLD (age 36 currently), so... But, it's cool whatever anime you are into. ^_^

    Just, erm... please stop sending me invites to Fairy Tale or Yuri On Ice. I won't join those. Sorry. But, good luck with your groups! ;^_^>

    I'm recently working on a huge app gaming project, Tweeting with my best friend daily on Twitter (my friend is old too! =p), made contact with a long lost cousin on a DNA site, and other awesome things. I barely have time to write this little blog thingy to explain my absence. LOL! So... I'm pretty much gone from this site, but still around occasionally to add or accept requests. 

    I hope that you are all doing well and I wish everyone luck on their journeys! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ