Straight Outta Hiroo (UPDATE)


    You are now about to witness the strength of Heroes Of Hiroo



    Straight Outta Hiroo, it's a yellow fellow named Kii-Kyube
    From a gang called "Heroes Of Hiroo"
    When I'm called out, I gotta sawed out.
    Beating Villains and they're hauled out!
    You, too, boy, if you get with me,
    Your king is gonna have to come and get me
    Off yo back, Kiiro Blaster!
    Is a weapon than any launcher
    Some fools cause trouble
    They add a double
    Comin out of nowhere and Mumble!
    Goin' off on every Villain like that!
    With mah gun, that's pointed at yo face!
    So give it up, smooth,
    Ain't no telling when I'm down for a dope move!
    Take this as a dope beat
    Like it is bringin' heat
    Yo, Ke, what's the sound of mah tool?
    Now you know that I ain't no fool!
    Me, you can go blast to blast, eh, maybe.
    I'm killin aliens out the box, Daily!
    Yo, weekly, monthly, and yearly,
    until that alien king sees clearly
    that I'm down with H-I-R-O-O
    Boy, you can't spit tha flow!
    When I'm in your neighborhood, ya better watch out!
    'cuz Kii-Kyube, will damn sure, knock you about!
    As I leave, believe I am Kiiro,
    when I come back, boy, 'comin Straight Outta Hiroo

    [CHORUS: City of Hiroo, City of Hiroo]


    [CRISTIAN "MC CREZ" UZUKATO]: Whaddup, Ni?
    [NICOLAS "EAZY-MICHI" TAMICHI]: Tell 'em where your from!

    Straight Outta Hiroo! Just a purple Magical Boy,
    more villains I kill, yo, I'm comin to Destroy
    I'm a hard Heroic dude and you know this!
    But these villains can't show this!
    But, I don't really care, I'mma make the shots!
    If not from the records, or jackin' the pots
    Like most of us, the definition is protectin'!
    When you are with us, we defendin'!
    Kill a villain in a minute.
    I'll blast 'em hard, and go in it!
    So if you're at a show in the front row,
    I'mma call you a fool if you don't spit a flow!
    You probably get mad like a loser's supposed to.
    That shows me, yo, you're all composed to
    A Magical Boy from the street.
    Added to legit, cause I'm 'bout to beat!
    MC Crez controls the automatic,
    for any dumb little fool, they start static
    Not the right hand, cause I'm the hand itself
    every time, I pull my gun and shield off the shelf
    Never seen heroes like us? Here we are.
    C-R-E-Z spells Crez, and we are hard!
    See? People see us around.
    Definition is real, we be makin' these sounds.
    Taking place without a clue.
    Once you're on the scope, you know ya through.
    Look, you know we don't trip.
    Cause the Hero like me never slip.
    Straight Outta Hiroo.

    [CHORUS: City of Hiroo, City of Hiroo].


    [DAISUKE "DR. KE" MARUNO]: Eazy-Michi is his name and the boy's comin...
    Straight Outta Hiroo, is a hero that fightin',
    and make a fool know we ain't bitin'
    My styles are as dope as you may see,
    and none of the haters gon' hate me!
    See I don't really care? That's the problem!
    When our enemies try attackin, we dodge 'em!
    We are Heroes Of Hiroo,
    tagging wit' mah bro, Kiiro
    To me, it's so funny
    the way how our enemies be disappearin'
    By my pink wand I use, knowing they ain't reappearin'
    Just kickin back, Eazy
    Here's tha way, never seize me
    Or my gang.
    Like a  shadow in the dark,
    except we unload.
    You see a spark jump over after battle,
    and seein' them shake and rattle.
    Feelin' the pink wind and I'm as fly.
    Believe the fact that none of us will die!
    King Venom Alien got knocked the hell out!
    'Cuz he knows what we're all about.
    This is the autobiography of tha Michi~!
    If you ever screw with us, you'll get beat,
    by a pink Magical Boy that is as brave
    Word to the unbrave:
    Straight Outta Hiroo!

    [CHORUS: City of Hiroo, City of Hiroo!]


    [DAISUKE "DR. KE" MARUNO]: That's the way it goes in the city of Hiroo, Boy!