Straight Outta Hiroo

  • [Daisuke Maruno]

    You are now about to witness the strength of Magical Boy Knowledge.

    [Verse 1: Kiiro Sazuki]

    Straight Outta Hiroo, It’s a crazy brotha named Kiiro
    From the group called, “Heroes of Hiroo”.
    When I’m called out, I gotta dash out,
    Destroy the aliens and the aliens are hauled out.
    You too, boy, if you get with me
    King Venom’s gonna have to come and get me
    Off my place, Kiiro Blaster
    is more helpful than a Rocket Launcher
    Aliens start causing Trouble, they do a double
    Gather up and knock ‘em like a Triple.
    Going off on every Villain like that
    With a weapon, that’s stopping your steppin’
    So give it up smooth
    Ain’t no telling when I’m down for this hot move
    Here’s the pink wand make you disappear
    That will never make you reappear
    Daisuke, what’s the sound of my tool?
    Now you know that I never am a fool!
    Me you can go fighting no maybe
    I’m fighting aliens out the box, daily
    Yo, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly
    Until that dumb King Venom sees Clearly
    That I’m down with H-I-R-O-O
    Boy, you better watch out
    So when I see you right now, you better duck down
    Cause Kiiro will darn sure buck ‘em down
    As I leave, believe I’m stomping
    But when I come back boy, I’m coming Straight Outta Hiroo

    [Nicolas Tamichi]

    Yo, Cristian Uzukato.

    [Cristian Uzukato]


    [Nicolas Tamichi]

    Tell ‘em where you’re from!

    [Verse 2: Cristian Uzukato]

    Straight Outta Hiroo, a brotha who’s another Magical Boy
    More aliens I fight, I’m really ‘bout to destroy
    I’m a another Hero and you know this
    But those pesky aliens won’t show this
    But I don’t really care, I’mma make my snaps
    If not from the club, from making them raps
    It’s like Hero vs. Villain, The definition is games
    And when we get our gears on, we feel like Fame
    Protecting Hiroo in a sec
    I’ll find aliens talking smack and put ‘em in check
    So if you’re at a show in the front row
    I’mma call you a fool if you don’t go with a flow
    You’ll probably get mad like a villain is supposed to
    But that shows me yo, you’re all listening to
    A purple Magical Boy
    Attitude legit cause I’m ‘bout to destroy
    Cristian grabs out the weapon
    For any fool in my way, they’ll be stepping
    Not the right hand, Cause I’m the hand itself
    Every time, I pull my weapon off my shelf
    More aliens in the way
    They’re gonna have a bad day
    C-R-I-S spells Cris but I say
    See, people know me as the hero
    The definition is clear that they’re nothing but Zero
    That’s taking place without a clue
    And once you’re on the scope, you know you’re through
    Look, you might take it as a trip
    But a guy like Cristian is only another Hero, Straight Outta Hiroo

    [Daisuke Maruno]

    Nicolas is the leader of the club and he’s coming.

    [Verse 3: Nicolas Tamichi]

    Straight Outta Hiroo
    Is a brotha that’ll smother another
    And make a sister think I know ‘er
    Heroic brotha coming out
    And showing the aliens what I’m ‘bout
    See those fools? They’re the problem
    When they shoot out weapons, we dodge ‘em
    But I’m smart, brave, and strong a while
    When the aliens disappear, I smile
    To me, it’s kinda funny, the attitude showing the aliens disappearing
    But all I know is that they’ll never be reappearing
    Since I’m the Hero
    But here’s the thing, the villains are a zero
    Never seen a guy coming out
    Except I knock ‘em out
    You’ll see I grab out my diamond wand
    And hear the aliens getting Spawned
    Feel a little gust of wind, like it’s Dawn
    And leave a memory that I’ll never be pawned
    So what about the dark clones who were missing [FORGET THEM]
    You think I care about my shadow clones who would be dissing
    This is the autobiography of Nicolas
    If you call me Ridiculous
    You’ll get beaten by the 5 of us heroes.
    Word to the Villain zeroes
    Straight Outta Hiroo.

    [Daisuke Maruno]

    That’s the way it goes in the city of Hiroo, Boy.

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