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  • Random Writing

    "Iv'e been waiting for you Lady Fortez" The females voice rang out in the open grounds around them, far enough from the human population so no one would get hurt yet the large brick buildings that were once used to manufacture machinery still stood on the grounds. It was like a vast waist land that ...
  • Hold my hand.

    Hold my hand. Thats all you have to do. Hold my hand, Ill be waiting for you. Hold my hand, It only takes two. Hold my hand , Im there for you. Hold my hand, Im right beside you. Hold my hand, If I tell you too. Hold my hand, You'll be safe and warm Hold my hand. Just Hold my hand. H...
  • See through the eyes.

    See through the eyes of a open heart, Ones life beings with a single spark. Dont look but see, For once again you will find me. Feel with your heart, It's not the lesser part, Let it speak and open apart. Listen with your ears, Dont just hear, Part of you will always fear. But if you see n...