See through the eyes.

  • See through the eyes of a open heart,

    Ones life beings with a single spark.

    Dont look but see,

    For once again you will find me.

    Feel with your heart,

    It's not the lesser part,

    Let it speak and open apart.

    Listen with your ears,

    Dont just hear,

    Part of you will always fear.

    But if you see not look, Feel not conceal, Listen not hear well ... you will see it clear.


    We are part of something more, lost in emotions that over flow. Pain, fear, hatred, love, lust and desire. It's all part of being human, teaching us to grow stronger and find our path in life.

    Let your heart be broken, someone else can heal it. Face your fear because one day it will disappear. Be strong anf kind, be everything you know you can be and more. It is you who holds the key to the door so press it in, turn the key and open the door to your life thats awaiting for you.


    Your dearest friend SenaKawa <3