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  • "Iv'e been waiting for you Lady Fortez" The females voice rang out in the open grounds around them, far enough from the human population so no one would get hurt yet the large brick buildings that were once used to manufacture machinery still stood on the grounds. It was like a vast waist land that time had forgotten since one of the robots had lost control and began to wipe out everying ins ath. Rune had been there that day, standing by and fighting the huge machien as it blasted down humans yet the Octavia Organisation that she worked for had made sure she had stepped in and of course with a great battle she had won even with some casulties around her. Better a few than many.
    However the female in front of her had also worked for the Octavia Organisation, an organisation built to keep the magical folk under check and also to fight for them, a single man made island was all that kept the magical beings together, those of demons, vampires with their magical familiars and also people like her, half witch, half vampire. She was a rare breed but with her being a vampire her witch side was able to feed off her own body not needing any other type of relic to draw power from so it made her and her familiars more powerful than the normal Demon or Vampire. This female who today had it in her head she was going to take Rune down had been one who lived in Runes shadow for years, she had wanted to be the number one girl, the one the organisation turned to but recently she had destroyed one of the Organisations to get Runes attention and to show them what she truly thought of them. MAC tech was still standing, the research lab and also medical center for the magical folks which was what they calle their supernatural creatures. Avrora the female here wnated to show the Organisation she could beat Rune and then take her place at the top not that the Organisation would allow it now she had destroyed a facility.
    "Avrora you made a huge mistake coming here" Rune called to her, Rune was standing their dressed fully in white, her signature outfit for the Organisation, her long dress blew in the wind wrapping around her legs and also extending out around her like she was floating yet her cloak of white and silver thread design hugged her shoulders perfectly and the hood hung over her face shadowing everything but her eyes from the female.
    "Mistake I think not. For too long you have worn a title that should of been mine!"
    "It is your hunger for power that makes that not so, not me Avrora"
    "Power is what keeps our small island alive, it was keeps everyone in place. Power is everything"
    "Your wrong, We protect our people, we stop the island from being taken over and help those with magical ability to their full strength and to keep them from turning dark" It was true, a school had been built for the talented, learning to use their magic in combat while learning the usual school things with extra combat lessons thrown in. A school that she had only been in for a full year till they took her out and placed her top of the Organisation combat programme to protect the island and she had done so for as long as she could remember.
    "Either way, today you die" Avrora moved into a combat position and threw her arm up in the air "I call upon Hitefth, my fifth familiar. Attack" With that a horse like familiar in purples and reds flew up into the air masked with its own magical mist and began to charge at Rune. Rune held vast and watched the creature with gleaming eyes come closer.  A smile curved up Runes lips when she lifted both her arms into a x position and as the familiar grew closer to connect a sheild like bubble covered Rune and the area she stood in in brilliant white and gold. The familar bounced off the sheild, a screetch filling the air around them. It was pissed off and so was Avrora.
    "I Rune Fortez of the higher relm, blood of the Vantish vampire call upon Diea, twelth elemant. Come and destriy Hitefth!" Her voice echoed out calmly and then her familiar began to rise from her body stretching out in the air in Silvers and gold, A dragon so beautiful it reflected the beauty in Rune. Its wings spread out before it all before he went towards the other familiar wrapping his jaw around its nack and ripping it to shreds before vanishing in lightening. Avrora screamed dropping to her knees feeling the effect with full force, one under dog thing about being connected with your familiar. "Give it up Avrora, the OO will be here any minute to take you in. They is no need for this" Avrora's face quickly changed as she looked up from her kneeling position giving Rune one of many deadly stares she had recieved. Soon the girl was charging at Rune light glowing in her hand before her long staff appeared ready to take Rune down in weapon combat. Rune accepted with a nod of her head and pulled her familiar back into her body causing her eyes to glow silver.
    Rune didnt move till the last second when Avrora weapon was about to meet her chest. all she had to do was block it with an open glowing palm and began to absorbe the magic in the females weapon "NO!" Avrora screamed as her weapon began to fade and explosed its remains sending the female flying back to the floor "Like I said before, your familiars are strong but you are not. You are still in school and that is where you should of staid you are nothing compared to me" She wasnt being big headed it was just the truth. She had lived so much longer and had faced many eneimes stronger than the female. It took  a lot for a challenge and then the Organisation human combat team and a few members of the board turned up. "All yours" Rune whispered before leaping into the air and disapearing from sight.

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