• We used to be friends- or at least that's what I think

    We used to talk to each other, I knew you well

    But everything changed and now we're on a brink

    Of an ending that we both could never tell


    We used to be strangers who pass by each other

    We used to think that we're just people we know

    Never once did we thought it'd go further

    Never once thought we'd say things much more than "hello"


    We used to be friends but then we fell apart

    We used to exchange smiles now we steal glances

    For how do we even bring back what was at start

    A bud slowly blooming from the ashes


    It started out slow with both of us taking a chance

    Like a dance where one moves forward and the other backwards

    Things were going well till shit happened all at once

    Now the dance we've known from the start became something so hard


    Maybe we were meant to not be together at all

    The first time driven by faith, the second disconnected by lies

    Would the third time we try be any different from it all?

    Give me hope, give me fear- tell me how many more tries


    It seemed as if the problem was that I had faith and you did not

    I knew the consequences yet I pushed through because I know it's you

    I was hopeful and gave all I had but it reached the point you said "stop"

    I told you my reasons-told you everything- but you told me none of it is true


    So as I walk down the hall today, I see

    You are your normal jolly self and that's how I know

    That my existence to you is only this temporary

    So I brush it off,thinking let's give a good show


    We are at a crossroad where apologizing puts us back on track

    With the other option being us fighting over who's right

    But I see you hurt, fragile and scared that I'm forced to stay back

    At that moment, I realize I'll be the only one crying tonight