• I see signs of you everywhere

    Yet you are nowhere 

    I wanted to ask where'd you go

    Simply because I wanted to know 

    I look around and see that you are a bird

    A bird whose sound I've always heard

    Sometimes I look and see that you are the sky

    Out of reach for reasons I'll never know why

    I've always found the idea of 'us' peculiar

    There are no words, only a sense of something familiar 

    I'm a bird, just like you, but my color's black

    And you posses the traits that I lack 

    When I realized you're missing, I went looking- searching

    Not because you're missing but because I've yet to tell you some things 

    I love you... And I know you always knew

    Yet it's worth nothing till I personally say it to you

    I'm sorry... For being a worthless bastard

    Especially since not doing those things ain't that hard 

    I guess I should also say sorry for the other people who made you a mess

    They are people I know so I just couldn't care less 

    Lastly, thank you... For helping me find myself again

    Thank you for despite everything you treated me like a human 

    I'll still keep on searching til these words get through

    Hoping you'd hear them and know they're true 

    At the very least, I want to find a bird on a piece of jewelry 

    Because, I know, it's the closest to you I'll ever be