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  • 7 anime that I am so happy I haven't missed

    Today a few classics I am sooo happy I haven't missed. Caught in middle of new productions being released every few months, it's easy to forget about anime classics. The art of anime has a long and rich history in Japan, so it's only fair that anime lovers reach for older productions that might be b...
  • Mixed feelings about Tokyo Ghoul

    Hi everybody! I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you about Tokyo Ghoul which I have only recently seen (yeah yeah, I know I am not very up-to-date :D ). Before watching TG I have heard a few very good opinions about it so I was very excited to finally watch it... And... Yeah, don't get me ...
  • Hi everybody

    I just thought that I should say hi to the community! Welcome everybody :)  I am Amelie Nice to meet you all :)