Mixed feelings about Tokyo Ghoul

  • Hi everybody!

    I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you about Tokyo Ghoul which I have only recently seen (yeah yeah, I know I am not very up-to-date :D ).

    Before watching TG I have heard a few very good opinions about it so I was very excited to finally watch it... And... Yeah, don't get me wrong, I watched it very quickly (4 days for both seasons is fast for me - I have busy days :P ) and it was very good, but was it as good as I was told it should be...I am not sure. A few things:

    1 Main hero: Ken Kaneki

    Am I the only one who thinks he was an undecided whimp? I simply couldn't force myself to like him. It's difficult to support my opinion without any spoilers but I simply couldn't understand some of his decisions...most of them actually.

    2. Plot

    It was very chaotic and sometimes I had a feeling like I suddenly lost an episode. Was it only me? IMPORTANT HERE - please, don't tell me that I should read (or should have read) manga - Right now I am talking about anime only.

    3. Number of characters

    Especially at the end of 1st season a number of characters (mostly villains) are introduced. Unfortunately, by the end of second season almost none of them get some screen-time and nothing is revealed - on the contrary, even more characters appear. Kind of put me off...

    What are your thoughts. Am I crazy not to like Tokyo Ghoul? :) Well, maybe not 'not like it' as I enjoyed watching it, but does anyone here support my criticism? Let me know please!