the kamisama kiss twins's backstory READ PLESE

  • A long time ago like 20 years before i was born my dad tomoe fell in love with a human girl named nanami after that they had me and my brother our mom was very worried because we grew slowly our dad he never said a thing about his childhood, and always made me stop crying you can call me daddy’s girl i got sick a lot cause i was a frail baby my brother wasn’t as frail though. i don’t really remember my mom that much, are mom died 50 years after we were born and i was only 5 when it happened because age for yoki is every 10 years so at her funeral dad was crying it was like there was tears leaking out like a river after that he held us tight and i remember exactly what he said to us that day he said “no matter what i will take care of you because mommy would have wanted that” and at that moment we all held each other and cried.