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        “Mom i'm bored” a girl said whispering. “well try to have fun, it’s your brother’s birthday after all” the mom said. “hi, we have a new special place for kids like you” a guy in purple said smiling. “ok” the girl said blushing as she looked up and followed him, when she got there

    the man in purple pulled out a knife “you know they say human flesh taste better in pizza than normal meat and cheese?” he said spinning the knife between his hands and smiling the girl ran but she tripped and face planted on the ground the girl was so terrified she scooted towards a corner she was inhaling in and out heavily the man ran  towards the corner fast “wow you're clumsy”he smiled and stabbed her in her chest and twisted it “sweet dreams you foolish girl” the guy said walking out.

    there a animatronic woke up where am i? the girl yawned and looked at her hands

    what? why do i have these bolts in my hands all i remember is “gasp  no it can’t be”she said sitting in a ball shape covering her ears. the other animatronics walked

    in  “hi welcome to the family” freddy said smiling the animatronic  started crying “what did i say?” Freddy said looking confused then foxy walked in“what did you do now? Foxy said “I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!” freddy said yelling “yea right come on”foxy reached out his hand and smiled gently “wh...who are you?”the animatronic said “do you even know who you are” Chica said looking angry. “uhhhh no I don’t know” she said  confused “well here the purple man said to give this to you here!” Freddy said

    smiling. “hey i see Freddy gave this to you listen up you're the new animatronics now called Melody you understand now see you later bye.” the note was specific

    So what did it say” Freddy said  “It said my name is Melody.”   Melody said  looking Surprise. “hey you wanna come with us?” foxie said smiling “where are you going?” Melody asked “there is a new night guard tonight” foxie said “ok so what do you do?” melody said tilting her head foxy sighed  “ok so every night or 5 nights we have a new night guard and like we have to keep them from coming back one why or another.” foxie said scratching his head “but why?” melody said still confused  foxy sighed “we kill the night guards..” Foxy said as he looked away. “wh what?” melody said with her eyes watering up  “WE KILL THE NIGHT GUARDS!”

    foxie said yelling with frustration. “I know what  you said  idiot, you didn’t have to yell like that” melody said as she wiped her tears that was rolling heavily down her cheeks as she ran out the room. “wait!” foxie said and he reached out his hand bonnie walked up and smacked foxy so heard in his head some of the bolts fell out

    “nice going jerk you made her cry she is at a very unstable state right now and from the looks of it she is very sensitive to so instead of yelling all the damn time start thinking of other animatronics” bonnie said as he threw a screwdriver at him.

    mean while…. melody was sitting in a corner crying  “aww you turned out to be such a cute animatronic” a shadow said “If it’s you leave me alone!” melody said yelling. “well i can’t do that you know I am your maker after all” the purple guy said “i don’t care get out!” melody said yelling then chicka walked in “melody…..” then chicka paused as she say the purple guy and try to walk out “aw come on cicka do go away spend some thing with me”the purple guy said desperately “i don’t spend time with jack asses like you” chick said pushing the purple guy’s hand away “well anyway…”the purple paused and looked at chica with a dirty look  “GET OUT NOW!” melody yelled “why would i do that when i got a present for you.” The purple guy said ruffling her ears. “stop it!” melody said as she said pushing him hard against the wall “i brought you a friend enjoy” the purple man said as he gently picked up her body with two hands and tried  to set her down suddenly his hand slipped “Damn did anything break?” the purple guy said with a worried face he inspected it very close “well there is not too much damage well bye” he said smiling and walking out the door. “why does he keep doing this? what does he gain from it?” melody said crying suddenly the hand was twitching and then the thing

    sat up “he...hello? the thing said looking confused melody uncovered her eyes and looked at her with a surprised face “y…..you're awake?” melody said looking frightened. the thing rubbed her glass eyes and said “where am i?”

    “you...you're dead” melody said covering her eyes while cold tears dripped down her cheeks “wh...what?” the thing said. The thing stepped out from the shadows, Melody could see it more clearly, it was a girl, a puppet girl to be exact, she wore a short dress with a lot of designs and bows. One of her eyes were closed, gooey sticky red liquid dripped down from the left eye, the right shone a scarlet red. Melody backed away in horror as she stared at the eye “Is that blood!?” the puppet’s body was made out of class, very fragile. Black cat ears twitched on top of her head, her long black silky hair flowed behind her, a long black tail stuck out from under her dress, a scarlet bow tied to the end of it, the end of her tail was white. “i'm sorry but your dead you will never see your family anymore”melody said Melody wiped her tears and hugged the puppet  “hey Mel……”foxie said with a surprised face melody looked surprised “WHO IS THIS!” foxie said yelling. “hey calm down” freddy said and he smacked the back of his head and smiled melody sniffled “thi...this is the ne….newest  animatronics” she said forcing herself to smiling “you know you don’t need to force yourself to smile,you know” foxie said approaching her. “why does he have such kind eyes now?” melody thought looking confused “can we talk?” foxie said looking at her. “uhh...sure” melody said looking at foxie with fear in her eyes. “ok good come on” foxy said grabbing her arm and walking with her into the pirate’s cove and went behind the certion melody gasped and pulled back “don’t worry i won’t do anything i’m not a mindless perv you know” foxie said with a bright warm smile melody felt calm and safe. “ok so I know you don’t like killing but I’m telling you this for a reason the purple guy I know you don’t want to kill I understand, but he is gonna make you.” he said as laid her head on melody’s shoulders and weeped a little “just please don’t cry anymore” he said whispering as his voice glitched a little “he seems so calm so gentle like a angel is holding me.” melody thought and she wrapped her arms around him and supported his head on her shoulders.

    melody taped him “foxie we should go back” melody said as the sun peeked through the windows “ok” foxie said holding her hand “uhhh” melody said blushing “oh sorry about that” foxy said as he let go. when they got into the room

    the new puppet was walking across the room the other animatronics looked super impressed so impressed that they didn’t even see them in the room they was saying stuff like “awesome” and “impressive” foxy was annoyed “WE'RE HERE!” foxie said yelling and then went to a chair and sat down all the animatronics froze

    the next night… melody was sitting in her corner as usual “hey” the new puppet said melody turned around and looked at her “what is it?” she said  

    then then out of nowhere foxie crashed in and grabbed melody’s hand and ran out with her “stop!” melody yelled at him “what wrong?” foxie asked “you just interrupted us! whatever it is it can wate kay?” melody said with a soft voice “kay” foxie said crossing his arms melody walked back in “now what did you want to tell me?” melody said with a smile “uh oh yea! my name Catlina and i'm looking forward to working with you” she said shaking melody’s hand. see Catlina barely showed any emotion so it's hard to tell what she is really feeling so she always has a straight face like she is made of stone “ok i gotta go foxy will throw a fit if I don’t show up” melody said walking out smiling.

    “ok lets try this again”foxie said sighing “try what” melody said looking confused “the night guard thing” foxie said looking at her annoyed “what about it?” Melody said “I’m gonna train you”Foxie said “No! i already said i didn’t want to be apart of that” Melody said walking out the room “fine whatever i'm trying to help you!y-you spoiled little!” Foxy grunted and walked into pirates cove oxy ripped the curtain with his hook

    melody was on the stage with Catlina. Melody told her  everything “oh i see”Catlina said “hey girls long time no see!” a male voice said Melody and Catlina jumped “where the hell are you coming from?!”Catlina said confused “it's my secret” he said grinning with a finger on his lips. “Don't panic, I just came here to tell you your jobs.” a small laugh was heard after he said that “Melody’s job is to sing! I can’t wait to hear her sweet voice! and Catlina’s job is to do puppet shows! I’m sure my most valuable invention will help out!” He laughed again as he finished speaking. Melody turned her head around as she looked at the shadows, a worried look on her face. the purple man came out and stuck a stick note that said singer on Melody “there” he patted her head “get your hand off my head you jerk!”Melody said smacking his hand away then he stuck another sticky note on Catlina’s head that said puppetry “what the….”Catlina said “now be good girls and don’t take those off” the purple guy said “why not” Melody said pouting “because if you don’t want to stay hidden then you’ll keep those on” purple guy said “oh look it's morning good day” he said walking behind the curtains “wait…..”Catlina said going behind the curtains “what the hell!”Catlina scowled. She angrily flicked her tail from side to side, the faint scarlet dot on her left eye started to glow brighter as she got more angry. “H-how did this happen!? If only I hadn’t come here..” Melody sobbed as she looked at her robotic hands, her tears dripped down from her cheeks. “Either way. there’s no helping it, we’re trapped inside these bodies, and we’re dead. Come on, let’s get out of this room and go back to the others” Catlina said as she stood up, her bare feet clinked softly as they touched the ground. Catlina turned her head and looked down at Melody, a soft smile crept across her smooth glass face, she held out her hand. Melody looked up briefly before taking her hand, she smiled at Catlina before both of them walked out the door, a small chuckle was heard from the shadows.

    “You’re back!” Toy Freddy exclaimed as he hopped down from the stage and ran to them. “Hello T. Bonnie” Catlina said as she sat down on one of the chairs. A small blush appeared on his cheeks “H-hi..” he gave a small wave to her. “Where’s Foxy?” Melody asked as she looked around. “oh he is in pirates cove pouting.” bonnie said as he was sitting with his feet on a party table. “oh...i'm guessing he’s still mad” melody said sighing. “hey guys” a dark figure said walking towards them. “hey where have you been?!” freddy said. “why do you care” the  guy said Freddy grinned his medal white teeth “so i heard there are new animatronics  here” he said flipped the tip of his bangs Chicka grunted and pointed at Melody and Catlina. He look at at them “oh they’re quite beautiful, Especially the glass one.” he said examining her “but why is that sticky note on her forehead?” the guy said said “I don't want to talk about it”catlina said looking angry “she talked?” freddy said surprised “shut up” catlina said “yeah it's getting stuffy in here i'm gonna check on foxy” melody said.

        Melody turned around and walked off to Pirate’s Cove, leaving Catlina behind with the others. “Come here, Purple Guy told me to give you something” the one with pale face said as he grunted. “Name’s Marionette by the way.” He said before leading the way down the hall, not even bothering to look back if she was following or not.

        mean while….. “uh..Foxy?”Melody said pulling back the curtains, “what do you want”Foxy said glaring with a angry face. “oh..uh…” Melody said looking down “spit it out!” foxie said yelling Melody gasped “ok so i decided because i'm not gonna get out of here that...i...uh...should start k…..”Melody said trying to say the word, “what?” Foxy said confused. “ka……” melody said still trying to say it, “what is it?!” foxy said getting frustrated “killing people” melody said whispering

    Foxy hit his forehead and sighed “say it louder!” Foxy said “K….KILLING PEOPLE!” she said sighing in relief. “re...really?”Foxy said with a surprised look

    “yes!”Melody said with a serious look “whatever we will start your training tomorrow”Foxy said.


    Melody looked around the room as she waited for Foxy to come, yesterday they both had agreed to meet here for their training. “It’s almost night..” Melody said as she looked at the clock high above her on the wall. She heard footsteps coming from the hallway. “Tap, Click, Tap” the noise sounded, a head poked out from the door. “O-oh.. it’s just you Catlina..” Melody sighed as she sat down in one of the chairs. “Yes, what are you doing here?” She asked, her light on her left eye seemed to grow brighter for a second. “I’m just waiting for Foxy to come..” Melody whispered as she looked at her metal fingers. Catlina nodded and stepped out from behind the door, she strode across the room to the other door. Before she could go through, Melody looked up and asked “What happened to y-your clothes?” Melody tilted her head to the side as she looked at Catlina. She was wearing a torn small skirt with long sleeves, her large bell on her neck seem to be dimmer and her tail ribbon was torn. “Oh, this?” Catlina stopped and looked down, a wild look appeared on her face for a moment. She looked back up and lifted her hand “It’s a secret I guess?~” she smirked before turning. Melody looked confused for a second, “Huh? isn’t she acting a bit weirder than usual..?” she shook her head “It must just have been me..” She looked back down as six minutes passed. “I’m here! sorry for taking so long” a voice sounded. she gasped and looked up “oh...it's ok” she smiled. foxy blushed “what wrong?” melody said looking worried

    “nothing! ok!” Foxy yelled then a loud voice and a metal clinking loudly “FOXY! HOW DARE YOU!” the old Freddy said as he ran up to Foxy and hit him with a newspaper. “ow! what the hell!” Foxy yelled holding his head. “what did he do?” melody ask. “he shouldn’t yell at a lady such as yourself it disgraceful!” old Freddy said. “don’t worry he does that all the time i'm used to it”melody said smiling “all the time!” old Freddy said freddy hit him a couple times more freddy fell down “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!” Freddy said yelling “no really it's fine! really” Melody said jumping in front

    of foxy with her hands up

    “if it's ok with you i’ll let it slide…” old Freddy said blushing “there we go now everyone is happy” Melody said with a glowing smile “well i’m not my head hurts” Foxy mumbled. “well come on….” Foxy said pulling her hand walking fast out the room “ok let's start, let's hear your scream” Foxy said “what scream?” melody asked confused “this.’ foxy got ready “gahhhh!!!!!!” foxy yelled really loud melody covered her ears “owww” she said foxy sighed “now you try” foxie said with a tiny weeny grin, “ok” melody inhaled “ahh!” she said with a weak scream so quiet that it didn’t scare the mice on the floor it just sat there….eating melody looked down “are you kidding me this is what i have to work with? this weak little girl?” foxy said with a super mad and super annoyed look on his face. “i...i'm sorry” melody said “it's ok you know you remind me of a silent sniper” foxy said smiling. Just then, Catlina walked in, a smirk on her face, the large bell on her neck jingled as she walked, her tail twitching. *clink, clink* the sound of glass tapping on the floor repeated as she walked to them. “Is it almost time for the night guard to come?” She asked Foxy, her eyes glowed as her smile grew brighter, showing her sharp teeth. “Yes… he’s coming.. soon….” Foxy said as he stared with wide eyes. “Ok, thanks for telling!” she smirked again before walking off, her long black hair swept against the cold floor as her short torn black dress bounced around her as she walked away, she licked her lips in thirst for blood, her eyes narrowed in excitement. 

        Foxy’s ears twitched before he turned to look at Melody with a blank face “Uh….. is it just me or…?” Foxy said as he pointed his thumb to where Catlina disappeared. “No, it isn’t just you.. yesterday.. at night, she started to act weird too… her eyes seemed to glow brighter.. especially her left eye..” Melody said as she looked down. “uh foxy…” melody said looking down “yeah?” he said keeping a close eye on Catlina “hey you two love birds” a voice said it was  Marionette Melody blushed “no! no! that’s not it!” melody said shaking her head “oh...really...?”Marionette said grining “shut up….i was just training her” Foxy said calmly but he was out raged on the inside “training…...eh?...for what?” Marionette said trying to hold his laugh in while covering his mouth then Foxy then knocked the air out of him in one punch “what the hell….YOU PERVERT!” Foxie said in full blast rage “foxy! what did you do?!” freddy said foxy gasped “holy shit!” foxie said “good job!now he is gonna trash the place before the night guard gets here and that's like….uhh let me see five minutes!” freddy said in panic“wow...you mean  Marionette can destroy this place in 5 minutes?” Melody said surprised  Marionette was standing there with a rage face and took out a samurai sword and threw it at foxie,

    it scratched his metal face Catlina walks in with a surprised look “uhhh….where

    did he get the sword?” she said with a unemotional  then  Marionette picked up a chair and threw it gladly foxy dodged it everyone ran out screaming Except for one

    and that one was Catlina she stared then the night guard walks in as he saw all the animatronics running and heard a huge bangs glass shattering,wood breaking “holy sh….what going on it there?” the night guard said peeking at foxy and Marionette, they both stopped, foxy laid down a Garbage can lid over his head. he quietly got up and went behind the night guard without the him knowing.  Catlina watched, Grinning in a Horrifying way as the night guard looked at her.Foxy lifted the lid and  threw it hard a his neck the night guard’s neck making a very loud cracking noise and then fell to the ground, dark rose colored blood spilled from his body as it touched foxy’s feet foxy panted loudly inhaling in and out Catline clapped  Sarcastically “good show….very good show”she said walking out the room smirking.Foxy walked out the room a went after melody he found her against the wall with her head in her lap she looked up “oh...you're here” she said smiling foxy sat down next to her “you seem happy…”Foxy said smirking “what do you mean” melody said with a confused face “well how do i say it…...it’s very rare when you smile like that” foxy said said smiling “well i'm just happy you're not hurt” Melody said Foxy smiled looking Melody “you really care about me that much?” he said Melody looked down with rosey cheeks “um...yeah” she said Melody looked up at foxy “but….i care about everyone” she said. “we should get going you know before Marionette starts making dirty jokes again” Foxy said holding out his hand

    Melody smile “ok” she said grabbing his hand as they both walked out they went to the party room then a light blue bunny walked up he kinda looked like bonny but younger and cuter the bonny looked at Melody “ar….are you Melody?” he said with puppy eyes foxy looked away with annoyed eyes “yea! i’m toy bonny we’ll be best friends forever! and also you’re a really cute animatronic” toy bonnie said with a Sweet innocent smile foxy was ready to hit the lights out of toy bonny “hey that's enough tb” bonny said with a straight face as he pulled toy bonnie's shirt and dragged him out the room they then fox punched the wall leaving a dent “oh yeah there was something i wanted to ask you” melody said tugging on foxy’s shirt she looked over “yeah...what is it?”he said paying full attention to her “earlier you said i was like a silent rife what did you mean by that?”Melody said with a confused face “oh uh…..you don’t need to have a scream” foxy said “uh what do you mean?”melody said confused still “you can sneak up on him”foxy said how about you and catlina try tomorrow night. the next night Catlina and Melody was getting ready for the night “i hear him coming in”Catalina said stay as still as possible next to Marionette “ok here is the plan you sneak up on the night guard when you give the signal i’ll pull out my puppet strings”Catlina said with a game face “here he is in his spot go,if he spots you don’t worry.” Catlina “hey”toy chica said with a fake smile “h...hi”Melody said “here is a trick that always works….when you're about to kill him or you get caught inside the office just make a cute face...ok melody” she said smirking as she walked away “ok lets take her advice” catlina said “ok” melody said smiling “ok heres your chance go”catlina said “ok”Melody said Excitedly.“good he is reading the newspaper.now is my chance”melody thought as she walked in the night gard looked up and gasped “h…..he saw me!..well remember what chica said”Melody thought as she worked up the courage to do a cute face she put up her hands like bunny hands and made puppy dog eyes the night guard blush “this is so embarrassing”melody thought squinting her eyes chica was outside the door spying and grinning


    im still writeing enjoy fnaf's fans XD




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