Three tablets within 24 hours

  • Well, a while before the lunch time ends, I have considered buying a tablets against Stress (Stress Tabs). However, I also have mind to buy tablet to enhance my memory (Mind Plus). But, then, I think I should buy Revicon for mean time. After I bought it, I also bought a drink so I can take one each of those three tablets. For some hours ago, I feel hot but I'm not sick or something but my body feels very hot and it requires me some coolness. I don't know if this is the effect of one of each tablet I drank a while ago and the reason why my body was hot. I'm not sure about it.

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    OLD-SOUL I'm not familiar with these med's but I know central nervous system stimulants cause increased metabolic rate = causing more heat production. drink hibiscus tea to naturally cool yourself off and prevent stress/anxiety
    December 30, 2017