What change....

  • I currently return to this website seeing post full of disgusting pictures. I don't know what happen to this website ever since my absence. When I post that I'll be getting everything back, there is a man named Mike made a trashtalk. Perhaps, he is the jerk can't do anything except commenting "nigga" when I recently post. I don't know about this guy but he is full of annoyance. He must be the most hated person in this website more than anyone I have met. Perhaps his brain is full of poison (if his mind is full of scat). The reason why he is plotting to post disgusting pictures on anyone. Including me. Or, perhaps, he had gotten bored about doing anything. If he does, he shouldn't have join this website. This website is better be off without him. Because, if you look at his post toward anyone, it's getting annoying... and disgusting.

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  • veronica
    veronica Well he is basically sending those pictures to everyone that is on here,even ppl who just signed up. so he is obviously a person who got hurt irl or doesn't get enough attention irl so he does wierd things online so ppl will notice him. We can all just...  more
    August 25, 2018