The Reverse Pentagram

  • Let me tell you about my story about a months ago. I already have three Tarot Decks but I don't know what to ask. But, sometimes, I also want another Tarot Deck. Then, I also look for another thing which got my attention -- Pendulum. So, I thought I should buy a 7 Chakra Pendulum (of course, after looking at Youtube). After the Pendulum, has been delivered. I made a test of the pendulum itself. And, it works. All I need to do is to download and print Free Pendulum Chart. I also ask which book to get next after this. Also, I was curious if the pendulum has its name. When I ask his name under curiosity, his name... is "Dazo."


    He is my main spirit guide who lived in me about eight years ago. Perhaps, he is born for my passion about Game Musics. I can communicate with him via Pendulum. I had to get in touch with the other spirit when needed. He can be inaccurate when I ask him to find the missing object. But, he can be reliable on something else. Like, seeing the color of my Aura. All I need for his reliance is to provide an appropriate Pendulum Chart for dowsing myself if is there anything about me. Before I have that Pendulum, he always remind me to cool down with something. Like watching Ojamajo Doremi, playing Fire Emblem warriors, etc.



    She is the Guardian Spirit of Fenton's Tarot Deck.

    I bought that deck thanks to Persona 4/Persona 4 Arena. I want to get the idea about my character. But, my brother use it for fortune telling. In year later, I tried to use it. Then, I realize, that book that was along with the deck is not enough. That's when she got developed in "Everything Tarot Book".



    She is the Guardian Spirit of Victory Fairy Tarot Deck. When I first met her in my dream, her appearance is the same as Ringo Yukimori of LilPri.

    The reason I bought the Fairy Tarot Deck is the box has been torned. I feel bad about it and it will be gone to waste. I firstly used Tarot Bible since that deck is not meant for reverse card. That days, I never realize that I use the wrong book up until now. Instead of Tarot Bible, she is developed for Power Tarot Book.



    She is the Guardian Spirit of Mystic Tarot Deck. When I dream about her, her appearance is the same as Ai Hinatsuru, the first disciple of the Ryuuou Title Holder, Yaichi Kuzuryu.

    I do like cat but I can't take care of cats up until now. That's when I decide to buy this Deck. I tried those spreads to get me back up for what I must do. But, I was spiritually weaker after losing a dog before Christmas. After knowing Ai had gotten ill after her loss (well, that Tsuki-whatever put all the shogi pieces and leave), I was in despair in a week. I dream of Ai and telling me that it's going to be okay. I shouldn't worry of what she become. The the 11th Episode, she seems to tell me that Ai is okay. That's when I'm looking forward to see the next and final episode of Ryuuou no Oshigoto.



    Another spirit guide who just live with me about eight months ago who is said to be the Tao of Nature. There is nothing to know about him except he showed me something about the Tao by looking at the Book's chapter.



    Dazo said "He is an oni." Before I knew it, he is the Guardian Spirit of the Everyday Tarot and he is then developed for Tarot Life Planner Book.



    She is the Guardian Spirit of Arthurian Tarot. When I dream about her, her appearance is the same as Chika Amatori. But, her hair color is Blue.

    I do like King Arthur is one way. "Excalibur's Hope".



    She is the Guardian Spirit of Tarot in Wonderland. I will not tell you which person's appearance has copied.

    The reason why I bought that Deck because I always think of Alice Cartelet as a Reflector and a holder of Wonderland Tarot Cards. But, it seems to me those cards in image are based on the stories of Alice in Wonderland. I have mistaken that deck to be connected to Zayoa.



    He is the Guardian Spirit of Gilded Tarot

    The reason why I bought that deck is to evolve him for Tarot Bible since Zayoa cannot focus on Tarot Bible.



    He is the Guardian Spirit of Animal-Druid Oracle.

    Kiji said "Back away". I ask her what does she mean. She's referring to the one who hailed to that Oracle Deck. That's when I made the first time reading with that deck. I was warned by something before the day of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament.



    She is hailed to the "Magic Crystal Ball" I bought in Fully Booked.



    This one has been in the same year as Zayoa, a guardian spirit of "Wisdom of the House of Night" Oracle Cards."

    To answer my question of how I get this blessing, Dazo had suggest me to him/her.


    I spoke to Dazo to point Elements way:

    Left: Fire

    Right: Earth

    Downer-Left: Water

    Downer-Right: Wind

    I already assume the up is Spirit.


    To recap:

    Spirit Group - Dazo, Zed, Xobu (late update), Cedsro (NEW), Cedr (NEW)

    Fire Group - Zayoa, Bedklon (NEW)

    Water Group - Spanxo, Laamno

    Earth Group - Dhvo, Kal

    Wind Group - Oywl, Kiji


    I'm aware some of you thinking about the arrangement is wrong. So, I thought what to call of the group of Spirits. And, I have come up with the name. I will surely call them, "The Reverse Pentagram." There are 13 of them for now but I have reserve a space for Fire Group and will work for Tarot Magic.

    The reason why I group them is based on a live-action morphin, Gransazer. I know there are three of them to each of the tribes. And it is total of twelve characters fighting the Wolfmanaf.