Amidst from the XXXXXXXX Virus...

  • I'm currently working at home from March 18 to April 14. I do some few works until there is urgent work to fill for the company I work. Also, while awaiting for the instruction for some work I need to do, I mostly do my own work outside the company I work on which it is important to me. But, I can also get in touch with Spirits via dowsing & reading (see "The Reverse Pentagram" in my Blog). Also, just some game to see if I can stay stronger in Video Games. But, I'm still weak for some Chess games (So far, I already collected a Chess, Shogi & Xiangqi). So, I already have a book I bought to follow the moves but I do take the suggestion to take on CPU to strengthen myself. That same goes to Video Games.


    I'm angry about COVID-19 because we're facing suspension because of the spreading virus. Acutally, on March 16, I have been message that I must not go to the office during lockdown. Of course, I've been hoping to work harder. As I go home, I curse COVID-19 for what happen. But, on March 17, I was advice to come for transaction. It's a good thing to take my laptop that is use for office work but needs to install something important to be stay updated. I've been advice to go home instead of staying long because I might take a long wait because of the Checkpoint.


    While working at home, I have an advantage to take my other work a bit seriously. It's not like I enjoy it but I have important things to do asides from the office work. It's a half-good thing despite the madness that I've been overwhelmed to. Even though, that work that I want, something that I might not be skillful about.