Erased isn't good but that's just my opinion

  • I don't understand why this anime got so much hype, the plot and premises was interesting for like 5 episode then it lost it's magic and became very boring and lack lustre. The mystery wan't good and the motives of the killer were just so generic and felt only had one minute of thought put into it, almost all the characters became boring after awhile and the ending was somewhat good. While I love how the anime looks and the direction where every shot took place plus how well the music fit into scenario's I don't get what the point of this whole anime was about and how it got so popular. If another studio other then A-1 pictures took this show and worked on it, it probably would've been awesome and on my favourite list. But right now it's a half assed mystery show with no mystery at all and the psychological element came into place like 3 times. All in all the anime is just worthy of an 5/10. I'm not 12 by the way so that should explain why i'm not tricked by A-1 pictures so easily.