• Rage

    The sound of a siren is heard, wailing through the city like a child who has lost their mother. In the background, a recorded message is heard, playing over and over…
    “We come here today to be united under a common threat, a threat that until today has been said to be undefeatable. But today, with the help of the National Guard, we the people of Chicago shall take a stand. A stand against these fiends, these serpent-men”…
    Above is Pg.1

                                                                          July 17th, 2136-entry 1
    The year is 2136, and the world has been ravaged by a mutation-causing virus created by the Japanese biogeneticsis, Hishro Takana. Spread by cargo ships, the virus first hit the west coast of the United States, California. The virus was a biological locked-on missile, only affecting the human population. The results of contracting the virus were undisputedly horrific. Once the virus gained access to your blood stream, it immediately began attacking your genetic code, changing it, mutating you, making you the perfect host, for the disease was not only a virus, but a parasite as well. The first signs of infection were in the eyes. The eyes were swelled shut, and you became blind for about three to five minutes. When the eyes were opened again, that “brown-eyed, handsome, man” now had eyes entirely of green, with an oblong pupil that can be only be compared with those of a serpent. The next signs of the change varied on time, but all were done within a week. Your arms grew long and gaunt, and your nails became longer, harder, and sharper. From the abdomen down, you begin to lengthen, your legs fuse together, until you have a tail twice as long as your original height. Your tail then becomes covered in dark, green, snake-like scales. Your jaw bones grow and reconstruct, until you are able to open your mouth to twice the size of your fists. Finally, your blood turns cold, and a snake’s instinct awakens inside you. You have become what has been coined, a “serpent-man.” End of Entry



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