• Rage.Pt.2                                                                          July 18th, 2136- entry 2
    I’ve been alone for the past six years. I guess that means I’m sixteen now, because it happened when I was ten. I have lived in Terre Haute since I was two. I can’t even remember where I was born. My memories from before the attack are all faded and muddled, like a paper with ink that has gotten wet. I remember the day we got the news about Chicago. Five hundred men and women died in an all-out defensive attack on the snakes. I’ve heard they were only able to kill one of those things. The only thing that we have that can kill those things are incendiary bombs. They quickly recover from any wound. I myself have seen one get its head blown off its shoulders, and within minutes its head grew back like nothing had happened. The day we heard about the night Chicago died, a lot of us started right then and there to prepare ourselves.
    The governor ordered a wall to be built around several major cities, Terre Haute being one of the first. If it worked back in 2017 when Donald Trump was president with the illegal Mexican immigrants, why wouldn’t it work for serpent-men? The wall didn’t work very much. All it did was serve as a buffer to give us time to hide when the attack came. I still remember the attack like it was yesterday. It happened at night, they had hit West Terra Haute a few days before, so we knew they were coming. I awoke to the sound of a siren blaring. My mother rushed into the room, grabbed my hand, franticly ran outside, and practically threw me down the stairs of the storm cellar my dad had made I case this happened. She told me that she would be back as soon as she found my father. She ran out, locking the doors behind her. I never saw her again. I’m not sure what happened next, but I do remember what I heard.
    Mother: Henry? Henry?
    Mother: No. No. NO! Henry!
    My mother screams
    Father: Mary!? No! Die you Bastered!
    Gun shots, I put my hand on the door.
    Serpent: GARRRG!
    My father screams, I hear a thump against the door, my hand is sticky.
    The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor, crying. EOE

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