• July 19th, 2136-entry 3
    I’m not sure how long I stayed in the cellar, but I know that I was lucky to have it. It consisted of two rooms, the main room and the toilet room that had actual running water due to a well my father had dug. If you walk down the stairs into the cellar, you are facing north. Behind you, on the south wall, on either side of the staircase, were two shelves filled with books and games. On the east wall, to your right, the entire wall was covered in nonperishable food items. In front of you is the north wall. The east side of the north wall had the door to the toilet room, which had a toilet, (of course) a sink, and a shower. We had no water heater. On the west side of the of the north wall, was one king size bed. On the west wall, next to the bed, was a large rocking chair. Next to it was a lamp on a lampstand. The lampstand had a drawer, which contained this notebook, a pen, an ever sharp pencil, and a Bible. The rest of the west wall was bare. I stayed in that cellar until the food ran out. Then I went outside. EOE

    This is all i have typed up, I'll have to write more. XD

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