My Fantasy

  • My heart was racing as I ran,  afraid of what would happen if I would stop. I heard the thumping of Large feet and the Loud, Deep breaths behind me. I looked nowhere but forward when I saw the barrier, "If  I could just cross I will be ok" i though to myself as my feet keep going. And then I heard a crash and everything went black.

     I woke up in a dark cave, covered in dirt and blood. My vision was not good, my legs feel like pins and needles. I tried to crawl my way out but yet more and more darkness followed. "HEEEELP" I screamed but no reply. I tried again but louder "HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!" no reply. All i found was the loneliness and sorrow for i wold never escape.  

     I awoke to the sound of a door opening. I shivered in fear. A large figure lurked over me. I felt every bone-chilling breath. I saw the red eyes of the beast. I curled up hoping for some mericle to happen and it did. I heard the monster screech and a thump. I felt something touch me. A hand. I heard a chuckle. "Don't panic I am human."I felt the hand. Got up and held tight. "Did it hurt you?" The figure said"n-no" I stuttered. I heard the strike of a match. I saw the dead "thing" on the ground. I looked at the one who saved me. "FATHER!"