How to watch the Fate series

  • To start off I'm going to give a small introduction into what exactly is the fate series.


    The whole plot revolves around the Holy Grail War, a competition between 7 Mages to obtain the Holy Grail in which they summon heroic spirits(heroes from different periods in time Like for example Thor the norse god of thunder) to fight for them. the war is repeated every 60 years or so. The Master(Mage) that obtains the Grail gets whatever wish they want granted for both them and the Servant(Heroic Spirit).


    Now that I explained the basic information I'll jump into the main topic at hand.


    there are many different opinions as to the order in which people prefer to watch it. Before i go any further the reason this topic even exists is because the fate series is kind of like a weird knot that has different ways of being untied so there is no specific order.


    Since there isn't much of an exact order the series spoil themselves(some more than others) so I'll just tell you two ways in which you could watch it.


    Least spoiler version- Basically the way you can watch Fate without Spoilers every few episodes.


    Fate\stay night (2006)

    Fate\stay night Unlimited blade works (2014 if I'm not mistaken)

    Fate\Zero (2011)


    Common spoiler\beginner version- this one has a normal amount of spoilers and helps those who still didn't understand the 2006 version


    Fate\stay night (2006)

    Fate\Zero (2011)

    Fate\stay night UBW (2014)


    After watching these 3 you can jump on to the other series that are slightly more complicated Like Fate kaleid liner prisma illya and Fate Prototype.


    For those who have already seen the Fate series I would like to hear your opinions on how you guys prefered to watch it.


    I hope this list helps :)