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  • Warning Before Reading:

    Please DO NOT Steal, Trace, Copy my artwork of mine in any shape and form. 

    I Absolutely DO NOT allow Art Theift at all what so ever.

    Resulting in doing such things, you will be reported immediantly.

    Art Theift is Illegal even selling artwork that is NOT YOURS is Illegal.

    If you want to get better at art, the least you can do is PRACTICE. 

    I practied, everyone who is an artist practiced, those who are PROS at art have practiced

    It takes time, patience, positivity to get better and better at drawing.

    Theiving someone elses artwork WONT make you a better person. 

    You'll be seen as a Art Theif and that is not good.

    Please DO NOT Steal, Trace, Copy in any shape and form. 

    If you want to share my blogs around to support my work, thats fine, as long as credit is always involved but you must ask MY permission FIRST.

    Thank You.

    Ps: If you have seen anyone stealing my art please let me know immediantly.




    My Main Tumblr Blog:

    My Main Tumblr blog

    Pretty much includes reblogs of images and artworks i like even vine videos i like as well. Plus includes artworks of mine i posted, photography of mine, videos and animations of mine as well. :P
    Artworks on the left of this journal is drawn and done by me plus characters rightfully owned by me 

    Blog here: http://emmy-seinoskei.tumblr.com/


    Mabinogi Warriors Blog of Mine.


    [Talent Skill Ranks on the right are what I really have even with all of my 8 characters.]

    This blog contains clear edited screenshots I took in Mabinogi. Plus videos of mine thats Mabinogi related and info and updates as well. Soon will have Mabinogi Warrior Episodes! :) This blog will have it on there :3

    Blog here: http://mabinogiwarriors.tumblr.com/


    Bratzmoviemaker Media Productions Tumblr Blog

    I have been filming and video editing since 2009 with my Bratz dolls and I have gotten better. So this blog will contain Updates for upcoming movie films, trailers, and series as well. Plus photos, photos with Quotes, Posters of the series and movie films I have filmed and made, and much more! I take my filming and video editing projects and work very seriously like a job and I love doing it.

    Blog here: http://bratzworldmoviemaker.tumblr.com/


    Awoken Artist Tumblr Blog

    This is my official Art blog that will contain artworks of mine, photography and videos and much More. So does my main blog as well. lol. This is just my Art blog containing just my art and animation videos and such.



    Blog here: http://awokenartist.tumblr.com/


    Ask Ruby Tumblr Blog 

    This is my character, Rubys Ask Blog. Shes one of my favorite characters I have made. I plan on making more artworks of her soon as well, I am still responding the messages I get from people asking her. She doesn't get many questions, but I still welcome a lot of new questions and such. :3 you can ask her anything!

     Blog Here: http://askrubytoxicgirl.tumblr.com/



    Ask my My Little Pony OCs Tumblr Blog

    This is my My Little Pony OC Ask Blog where anyone can ask any of my My Little Pony Ocs. I have a lot of OC's so if anyone wants to ask any of them, you guys should check this list and pick which one to ask. 

    List here: http://askmymylittleponyocs.tumblr.com/post/119640910018/hey-guys

    Blog here: http://askmymylittleponyocs.tumblr.com/



    My EdwardxEmmy Tumblr Blog

    [Fullmetal Alchemist OCxCannon Blog]

    This is my Fullmetal Alchemist OCxCannon Ask Tumblr Blog of mine. I am doing more artwork of them since I haven't due to focusing on commissions. You guys can ask them anything :3 they will answer!

    Side Artwork of EdxEm was done by a friend of mine. chibi adorable X3

    Blog here: http://edwardxemmy.tumblr.com/



    Fullmetal Alchemist Blog Tumblr Blog

    For Fullmetal Alchemist Fans. This blog is just a blog that contains images from both Original series of Fullmetal Alchemist and Brotherhood series. Gifs, artworks even my artworks of Fullmetal Alchemist, and much much more. :3 May find some Fullmetal Alchemist scans that you cant find anywhere on there as well! :D

    Blog Here: http://fullmetal-alchemistblog.tumblr.com/






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