Brand new Camera! Back in Filming!!

  • You heard right! :D 
    So while opening some presents, and got some really really neat ones too. I opened a present that was a camera bag.
    I did thought that they bought me a camera but I was like "wait a minute no dont get your hopes up now.." 
    then I opened a box and there it is in all its glory THE FRICKEN VIDEO CAMERA
    I was so excited I almost cried. 
    To be honest and I mean COMPLETELY honest, I haven't been using a very good video camera, let alone, I havent gotten a new one in YEARS. My last old video camera wasnt very wasnt good what so ever. It was very small and the quality is kind of bad and let alone i sound like im super close to the camera where I sound "too loud" when I wasnt even that close which really..kind of sets me off...

    I had looked at the cameras at Best Buy and I wanted wanted WANTED a video camera with stabilization which is no matter how rough and hard i shake it wont shake at all in the video its as if I never shook the camera at all. ITS THAT GOOD.

    Mom and dad got it during Black Friday Sales for $100. Normally these guys go up for $200, $250, or $300. I am extremely happy I now have a new video camera.

    Now when I was filming "I am Silent" my horror series, I was using my phone because all my video cameras sucked as hell and was horrible so I had left was my phone. Since the episodes I filmed with it was videoed by my old cell phone the Samsung Galaxy S3 [I HATED that phone so much because it had SO MANY PROBLEMS. plus it was a used phone..not happy] , then now I had the Ipod but i wanted a video camera.. But hey NOW I HAVE ONE AND NOW I CAN START PLANNING AND SCHEDULING TO FILM

    I do need to save up money to get certain props for my Cyberbully Film Movie. I plan on getting it possibly up on YouTube in the Summer, but I cannot promise at all if that is ever going to be happening due to life, money, etc. 

    Right now I am watching through some videos these two YouTubers made. [one isnt Bratz related but hey ITS FILMING. Gotta get some inspiration somewhere!!], 
    the youtubers I am watching is 

    1: Brooklyn6388 - Her acting is EXTREMELY good to me in my opinion. whenever the character is very upset she really makes them if they really really are. Same for if they are yelling very loudly in anger and when they're upset. Shes THAT good. I am right now waiting for her next episode in her series called "Beacon Falls".

    2: mlpstopmotion - I love her stories and her acting. Its amaaaaaaazing. So much creativity! I am right now waiting for the new episodes of her two series shes doing. One called "It Follows Me" and another called "Just Different". Its an amazing series. 

    Both of them are super creative and super amazing. ^_^ they gave me inspiration on acting and being creative as possible in my series I am working on and putting together. 

    Right now I tried to do other series when I didnt get my new video camera but I wanted to do "I am Silent" so bad. So now I got a new video Camera I may start doing a teaser trailer for you lovelies ;3 so expect some videos coming your way! ^_^ 

    same goes for speed paints since my dad got a new computer so I can start working on editing videos on that computer. WOO!!