My Day today

  • Went to Target, Best Buy, Game stop and Walmart today on a shopping trip.

    Target I looked to see if they got any characters from Monster High I like. They do have one but the one I wanted to get, shes not there. Plus wanted to get the other Opperetta doll. So instead I got a Monster High Fright Mares, her name is Fawntine Fallowheart, on clearance and got her. [and shes half girl half deer and I looooove deers ;u;], plus dad looked to see if they got memory cards for my video camera but they where sold out.

    Gamestop I went next to get headphones with a mic. Was gonna ask one of the game stop guys and ask them about them and see if they could also work on computer, but the line was ridiculously long. .-.; so decided to wait another time.

    went to Best buy next to get a memory card but was we left. last stop was at Walmart and I got a memory card for my video camera, 1T hard drive, and a monster high doll from the movie "Haunted". Her name is Kiyomi Haunterly Daughter of the Noppera-Bo. I love her because i can relate to her being pretty shy. [plus she changes color depends on emotions]

    I am mostly happy I got the hard drive and memory card for my video camera, those where the BIG ones I want to get mostly. luckily I got them and I am also happy i got the two dolls. now all the rest of the money is saved up for the Anime con which is coming up next Friday through Sunday. CON WEEKEND WOO!!

    My costume is coming on Monday [hopefully] so yay ;u; 
    <_< they are late but if it comes before the con, I will let it slide for now.