Episode 1 of my Horror Flick series - Teaser Preview now Up On




    Teaser Preview of Episode 1 of my Horror Flick Drama Series is finally here.

    Full Episode of "I am Silent" WILL be posted later this Month.
    Jaden Wenston is Back after 11 Years of Slumber, the remaining walking dead and their only mage, are confused by the news.

    They now try to figure out a plan on how to find Jadens new Host before he starts to reek havoc to obtain his goal.
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  • Emmaline
    Emmaline Thanks Thankfully i redid episode one because the way i did episode one last year was horrible..didnt make any sense even with part of the story. So I had to re-watch a youtuber who does Bratz series like I do [and shes amazingly good at acting!!], and...  more
    February 8, 2016