Stepping stones

  • Well i guess its that time of year again.

    I'm not much of a talker when it comes to myself, dont get me wrong i would consider the stuff ive done over the past couple of years intresting, but i dont think i am. 

    So i am writing a blog about everything i have done and doing. 

    After litterally having an all time low in life, i've decided to go back to my roots and started doing things I enjoy.

    So I thought back to a time i was most happiest, when i was in college and thing were going great i had many friends and did what i wanted without being penalized through my education - IT WAS GREAT.

    So where did it go wrong - i had to grow up i suppose, but i think back and think 'why to that extent?'

    i remeber somewhere, someone said the whole world is a playground, but when you grow up you forget that.

    I forgot.

    So here i am, a stanger, spilling everything out and finally being selfish and doing what i want to do.

    I want to make more friends, help people if they have a problem, play games with friends and compete with them and something i have miss dearly in the last 4 years - watch anime again.

    People might say i'm sad for this but this is when i was most happiest but why should i care what people think as long as im happy and not hurting anyone, should this matter?

    I'm by no means want to be negitive, but sometime things happen that we can't control. 

    so my plan. 

    I plan to write Blogs like i should have done over a year ago now on the things i have done - I want to share my experiances with other people if they would like to read about it. 

    i have Never done anything like this before.

    but i hope you enjoy the stories i have lined up :) 

    Hope you have a nice New Years ^^