A short DBZ story I wrote, The Two Forgotten Saiyans

  • Heres a short DBZ story I wrote, mixed in with the actual storyline written by The Legendary Akira Toriyama! Enjoy.

    Goku defeats Frieza and barely escapes using a huge space ship to fly out of there. Just as he takes off, planet Namek explodes. King Cold discovers Frieza's remains floating around in outer space, near where planet Namek used to be and he quickly recovers whats left of Frieza and immediately has scientists and doctors rebuild & repair his son. King Cold vows to take revenge against whoever did this to his son. A few days has passed, Frieza awakens in his hospital bed and painfully mumbles, "Father.. a Saiyan... It was a Super Saiyan named Goku....he must be heading to his home planet called Earth... you must make him suffer for what he's done to me!", King Cold immediately sends his most powerful warriors to destroy Earth and all of Goku's loved ones.
    The warriors he sent is a Saiyan couple, named Zukeena-(female) & Porahto-(male). These Saiyans have trained together since as young as four years old and destroyed thousands of planets together. They've been friends for as long as they can remember and fell deeply in love for a little over six years at this time. They've dreamed about starting a family of their own, as well as gathering all of the few Saiyan survivors together on their own planet where no one would rule them. Frieza destroyed the Saiyan planet, "Vegeta" and kept only a few Saiyans alive just to use them as slave-fighters to gain more power across the entire universe. If any Saiyan ever disobeyed Frieza's or his father's orders, they would be immediately slaughtered right then and there.
    Zukeena and Porahto land on Earth after traveling two light years within four days thanks to their advanced space pod technology. They get out of their space pods and stretch out after being cramped up for four days. They see the beautiful blue sky with white, cotton-soft clouds floating up high, the gorgeous green land filled with towering trees and healthy grass. They feel the warm sun shining on their skin and breathe in the fresh air. They have never seen such a healthy planet before, they each thought to themselves what a wonderful world. Zukeena and Porahto have only ever seen dark, dry and cold planets before coming to Earth. Zukeena asks, "Isn't this a perfect planet for our race to inhabit?". "Yes.. But Lord Frieza and King Cold ordered us to destroy Earth" said Porahto. "It's now or never, screw them! If we gathered the rest of the Saiyans here together, I know we could defeat anyone that tries to rule over us, especially those scum, Frieza and Cold!" Zukeena replied. They made it their goal to clear out planet Earth of the entire human race so that there would only be the Saiyan race on Earth. They started clearing out the nearest populated city they could find.
    The Z fighters (Krillin, Tien, Chaozu, Yamcha, Piccolo, Gohan) feel the grim & powerful energy levels lurking near the big city only three miles away. Fearing for the safety of innocent people, they get there as fast as they can. As they arrived, they realized they were too late. All they saw were two shadowy figures through the thick, violent smoke with nothing but blazing fire, surrounding the entire area of what used to be an enourmous, populated city. "You monsters! You'll pay for this!" said Tien. As soon as Tien finishes talking, Zukeena appears right in front of him, grabbing his head and throws him straight down into the ground, leaving a gigantic hole in the Earth's surface. Chaozu tries recovering Tien's body but Zukeena launches a powerful energy blast at Tien and Chaozu catches it, trying to redirect it, but it was just too powerful. The blast completely obliterates both Tien and Chaozu. Yamcha, Krillin and Gohan all grab a hold of Zukeena while Piccolo charges up his special beam cannon, Porahto comes from behind Piccolo with a kick to his head which knocks Piccolo down leaving him unconscious. Pohrato punches Yamcha and Krillin in the face, knocking them both out. Zukeena grabs Gohan and pulls him off of her, Gohan punches her in the face then both Zukeena and Porahto beat Gohan senselessly on the ground.
    While theyre punching and kicking Gohan on the ground, Piccolo successfully charges his Special Beam Cannon attack and directs it towards Zukeena and Porahto from an angle that allows him to pierce it through both of their bodies. "SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!" yelled Piccolo. Porahto sensed Piccolo's attack a quarter second after the beam cannon started heading towards him and his beloved Zukeena. Pohrato pushes her out of the way, while he took the full direct impact of the attack straight through his stomach, leaving a hole about ten inches wide. Porahto falls to his knees and hands, gasping for air but only ends up choking on his own blood resulting in him coughing up blood. Zukeena is in tears, she holds on tight to Porahto as she cried knowing fully well there was no way he'd survive this wound so she just kept holding him tightly. With his last breathe, Porahto spat out these words to Zukeena, "I'm glad that...it was you.. I chose to love...Lead... our Saiyan race down the right path...lead them....to.. freedom and independence!". He used every last ounce of strength he had, to get those words out to her. She continued crying and holding onto him tighter than ever, but three seconds after his final words, all of his life force and power level dropped down to zero, it was now nothing more than a cold, lifeless body in her arms.
    Something in Zukeena just snaps. She's gone through pain her whole life, but this pain was different. She lost the only person shes ever loved and also the only person that loved her back just as much if not more. All her hopes and dreams of building a decent life for the Saiyan race died with Porahto. Zukeena's black hair starts glowing blonde, her dark brown eyes now turning into a glistening, bright, icy blue. The tears stop rolling down her face, instead they start floating upwards and evaporates into thin air. All her sweat steams off because of the high temperature her body has reached. She's never felt more powerful than she feels now but doesn't pay much attention to it because of the situation at hand. Zukeena blasts a deep hole in the ground, big enough to place Porahto's body into and buries him.
    Piccolo and Gohan recognized her transformation, she's transformed into a Super Saiyan and they knew they were in trouble. Zukeena moves straight to Piccolo about a quarter mile away in just two seconds and starts unleashing a barrage of powerful punches, beating him violently deep beneath ground level. Piccolo was now nothing more than a dust particle. Gohan cries and charges at Zukeena, but she counters his kick by grabbing his leg and smacks him across the face sending him crashing into a mountain.
    Vegeta has been training vigorously, high in the mountainous region dozens of miles away from the where the Z fighters (or whats left of them) are located. He senses an insanely high power level coming from where the city is located. "Who could that be? Its far greater than Kakarot's and maybe even Frieza's power levels! I must test myself and push myself beyond my own limits!" said Vegeta as he headed towards the city. He arrives and sees Gohan, Krillin and Yamcha all unconscious, their bodies spread out flat on the ground covered in dirt and rocks, all bloodied and bruised up. He sees a woman from behind as she stands still over a small pile of dirt, (where Porahto is buried) Vegeta instantly recognizes the Saiyan battle armor she's wearing and her blonde-golden monkey tail wrapped around her waist.
    "Hey lady! I thought there were no more Saiyans? Who are you and why are y--" before Vegeta could finish his sentence, the woman completely vanishes from his sight. Vegeta is looking around and prepares himself for a sneak attack from her. He feels a tap on his shoulder and looks behind him. Vegeta can't believe his own eyes, he knew it was a Super Saiyan. Before he saw it coming, she punched him sending him flying into a huge boulder. He layed there wondering how a Saiyan woman could surpass him by such a great amount, Vegeta is the prince of all Saiyans after all. Feeling humiliated and angry, he powers up tremendously shattering the whole stone boulder that he was in. Vegeta launches a maximum powered Galick Gun signature attack towards Zukeena. She just stood there waiting for it to get close enough within her reache's range. She deflects the Galick Gun blast with just one finger. With all his rage, pride and jealousy, Vegeta rushes at Zukeena with intentions of delivering a powerful punch, she counters it with a knee to his stomach in mid-air and clenches her fists together over her head and pounds Vegeta into the ground below them.
    Bulma arrives to the scene in her vehicle and runs out screaming and crying. "Vegeta wake up! You have to wake up Vegeta!" screamed Bulma, but its no use, Vegeta is completely unconscious. Zukeena flies over to Bulma, grabs her neck and lifts her off the ground, strangling Bulma. As Bulma squirms helplessly like a fish out of water, they both notice all the rocks and small boulders levitating off the ground. They hear Vegeta yelling at the top of his lungs, "I AM THE PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS!" Vegeta's hair starts flashing blonde now, his pupils turning entirely white for a few seconds then fades into a deep blue-green color. His muscles expand a great amount, he's transformed beyond a Super Saiyan, some might call it Super Saiyan two. Vegeta grabs Zukeena at the neck with both hands and she lets go of Bulma, grabbing onto Vegeta's rock hard forearms and tries to get his hands off of her but his grip just won't budge. Zukeena's raised blonde hair slowly fades back to black and falls down back behind her back. Her icy blue eyes appear dark brown again, she starts losing consciousness. Vegeta squeezes harder and harder until his two thumbs pierce straight through her throat. Vegeta collapses because he pushed his body too hard, Zukeena is dropped onto the floor and she crawls to Porahto's grave, "Please forgive me, I could not fulfill our dreams...Porahto, I will meet with you soon my dear.", she said. She tries removing the dirt to see Porahto's face one last time but her vision completely fades to black and she loses total consciousness. Zukeena bleeds out to death right over Porahto.

    THE END :) by Josh Savanh