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    Ok so I havent been on in a while so I feel like ive missed a lot but anyways my birthday is coming up and im still trying to figure out if I should be excited that im finally turning 15 or if I should just treat it like a normal day like I normally do my birthdays. I mean all im doing is "celebrati...
  • worst holiday

    ok so Valentines day is tomorrow and I seem to be the only person who considers it as just another day. I dont care if I have a boyfriend. I just dont like the holiday. Everyone is so mushy and buys you gifts and im just like please dont. It makes me feel bad bc people would get me something but I d...
  • New to this

    So im still pretty new to this site and im not sure what to do. Im so used to G+ but it was blocked off my chromebook. This is definatly a lot different but ig I can get used to it. I was suggested to start a blog but im not exactly sure what I should or need to write. Im probably doing it all wrong...