• Ok so I havent been on in a while so I feel like ive missed a lot but anyways my birthday is coming up and im still trying to figure out if I should be excited that im finally turning 15 or if I should just treat it like a normal day like I normally do my birthdays. I mean all im doing is "celebrating" one more year that ive been living this crappy life. Really the only thing im looking forward to is having my friends over that weekend which ill admit is always fun.

    Another bad thing is that means that im supposed to have family which im not looking forward to because all my family does is critisize me and my decisions and its always soo loud and there are a bunch of little kids running around like they have no sense. 

                     Wow arent I a little ray of sunshine

                   Do you guys think im a downer?

    Sorry I cant really stay on one topic right now

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  • Crystal
    Crystal happy bday~ an sorry to hear about ur Issues..
    March 28, 2017