rp list and rules

  • here are my rules for when you wanna rp with me its not much but eh it helps me delevop my ocs  even more 

    I don't care if you swear since i swear 24/7 
    Replies to be good 
    reply at least a few times during the day(its ok if yer busy and tell me just dont disappear on me i get worried )
    18+ rating.
    Communicate to me, I would like to know what you like and don't like. so i can agrre to some things
    Play multiple characters! (Makes it fun!)
    Have fun with it! 
    Uke/seme (I play both.)
    I play female mostly (I do play male as well, but preferably female. Depends if I dig the rp!)
    Romance (Is a must regardless of the rp, we don't have to base it off on that, but at least have something going on.)
    Smut yes(not at the start of the rp but we can work our way there)
    Vore(ask first) and depends on the animes
    Control my Ocs
    Change my Ocs design
    Overpowered Ocs
    NO weird fetishes (ask me about it first, please!)
    Message me constantly asking why I haven't replied. 
    NO Mary/Gary sues (It gets boring!)
    First person (Special occasions!)
    *incest, loli, and etc...(just gross unless you have a interesting plot )
    * rp via social media(skype, FB, myspace and so on.)
    here are the animes
    Blue-exorcist (rin and kabo the demon kitty)(ocs in the work)
    Fairy tail (Gajeel Acnologia and Zancrow)(ocs  completed)
    Inuyasha ( Sesshomaru)(oc  in the work)
    Soul Eater (Death the kid)(oc  in the work)
    DBZ/GT/S/MV (Vegeta Raditz or lord Beerus) (ocs in the work)
    Death Note (not a crush but ryuk)(oc  in the work)
    Pokemon (Guzma Colress Saturn)(ocs in the work)
    Black butler (undertaker and prince soma)(oc underway)
    assassination classroom ( mr.Karasuma (idk his real name)(ocwill be  made soon)
    Big bang theory (not a crush but wanting someone to play Sheldon or Leonard lol ) (ocs will be  made soon)
    MLP(King Sombra Cadence Shining armor luna Discord Ahuizotl) (ocs in the work some completed )
    INVADER ZIM (zim himself)(ocs in the work)
    Undertale (MettaHUNK or uydene)(ocs in the work)
    there also AUs i love to do for some fandoms
    Fairy tail