The Techno Angel And The techno Devil

  •              It was hard day to Mike, because all his world have been ruined today. He was simple policeman. Well, not simple one. He was chosen for special programm "Guardian Angel". Members of this squad were equipped with last inventation of mysterious Andy Wand, who was hiding from glory and cameras of correspondents.
                 Exocostume is not so new idea, but mr.Wand could create very light example of this suit with artificial intellegence and extremely good integration to human body. All the system were into back panel and main part of Angel Suit is mind controlled wings from metal panels.
    They were main part of Angel Suit. Bulletproof and moving system in one.

                 And into this squad there was the man who can control the wings like no one else. Jerrard was the best in using Angel suit, he was flying like ace and many of Angels could not repeat his maneuvers and calling him Archangel.
                 But today... Jerrard has shown his true colours. There were rumors that he was overusing his power before joining the "Guardian Angel" programm but Mike had not believed in gossips. Until the day Jerrard had rushed into the bank in full armor and with gun. 
                 Strange, don't you think so?  Full squad was released to catch Jerrard but he was too cool to be catched...
                 Operator was screaming that Andy Wand is rushing into crime place to turn off Jerrard's suit but Mike have not heared that. He was beated up by Archangel. His wings were useless against the same pair of wings. Seems like Jerrard was finally in pleasure with those violence...
                 But suddenly strange man appears into the doors. Main part of his look was metal tube on his forehead. It was looking like... horn. Mike was feeling something strange. Like his instincts were screaming: Danger!!! 

                 The horn was turning red and Jerrard suddenly have stopped. Totally. Like he was rusted. And this was strange. When Mike had looked closely, he have seen shaking of Archangel Suit. Like something was blocking them. Before everyone have returned to their sences, the horned man walked out with the words " My work here have done"

                 Just few hours lates Mike had known that this was mr. Wand in his more powerful creation... Anti-Angel suit, Devil's Horn. He was afraid of such kind of rebellion of Angels and created special blocking artificial intellegence program. And... The whole program were integrated into Andy's brain. When he will die, the Angel Suits and The Devil's Horn will turn off forever.
                 So this was the main shock for Mike. Even not betraying of friend. He was realizing that mr. Wand had seen everything about humans. He believed that majority do not deserved his invitations... The best mind of humanity do not believe in humanity no more...
                 And Mike was thinking before sleeping, what he can do, if even genius do not believe in your kind? Just to be stubborn and continue to enlight hearts with his own fire...