Story time with Aqua

  • It was a normal friday evening, I walked back home from school as usual following my normal route. As i passed by many people on the street I finally reached the park near my house. This park is where I would always go before coming home, to find peace I guess. I enjoyed the cool evening breeze and the sound of the air flowing through the trees. Suddenly I felt a pulling sensation on my left leg, confused I looked down. A little kid, probably only 8 years old was kneeling next to me, tears in his eyes and skinny beyond imagination. Without hesitating a moment I picked him up and ran home, as fast as i could. Faster, Faster! I thought. This kid needed food quickly. As i ran inside and throwing open every door on the way I went straight into the kitchen and put the kid down. 'Sit tight little man, its gonna be alright now' I said to him. I pulled all the food out of the fridge and made as much as I could. Within minutes he was eating the food I made. Tears in his eyes he looked up to me and said: "Thank you sir, U are the kindest person on this planet.". I smiled trying to keep my tears in without succes. We ate and talked for hours, days even. After he was healthy again I called the police to inform them of the situation, suprised they asked me for a description, after telling them what he looked like I can only name their happiness as shocked. The kid has seemingly been lost for 2 years, his parent have been looking for him ever since they lost him on a train station. When I told the boy that his parent were on the way he smiled as bright as the sun. After reuniting the boy with his parents I gave him one last hug. After he stepped into the car he waved to me, he tried to tell me something but I was unable to hear it. Since that day I didn't hear anything from him, until just recently. When I came back to that same park i met him 8 months ago, there was a carving in the side of the bridge: "Thank you for everything".


    The end.


    Decided to write a little story hope you peeps enjoy it.

  • Aqua
    Aqua Gg for boredom, wrote a random little story feel free to read it and let me know what ya think.
    October 20, 2016
  • shit
    shit I like it
    October 21, 2016