Story Time with Aqua: The War of Blood and Roses

  • My life was great, I had lots of friends, a girl I like and even a good education. Nothing would make my life any better, but worse it did get. The 19th of December, 2020 was the date when my life got a turn for the worst. War broke out between America and Europe, no one really knew the cause of it, but we all knew it was not going to end until one of the two stopped existing. After only a few months of fighting both nations started recruiting young men and women to join the army to increase their forces is what they told us,but we were only used as mere shields for the real soldiers.

    I was so happy when i found out me and a couple of my closest friends were in the same bataljon, this made the hell called war a litte more easy to handle. At first we weren't send on any dangerous missions, just scouting and border control, it was only until after a full year had passed that America started sending young soldiers over to Europe to fight. It was March 7th 2021, we were flying above Germany preparing for a air attack on Berlin we flew in the skies with over 30 planes filled to the brim with soldiers. When we closed into Berlin we started jumping one by one, our goal? Capturing Berlin and killing all enemy forces in the area. I was one of the first out of my plane to jump, hesitating to jump my commanding officer told me: "Don't be afraid, after you reach the ground everything will take care of itself". Those words gave me the courage to jump, my friends close behind me we fell down, the air blowing past my ears at high speeds like nothing I had ever experienced. After we got close enough to the ground we opened up our parachutes to safely land, this is when the enemy opened fire, one by one my allies got shot down, some had their parachutes blown to pieces others got hit straight on. It was the most horrible thing I had seen in my life. I closed my eyes and didn't open them until I felt a strange sensation in my feet, my landing was succesful. Directly after I realised what happened I started running around trying to see if my friends survived, this is when I heard a familiar voice. Bernard, one of my oldest friends was laying on the ground, legs blown off and bleeding out but still keeping that smile of his going. Tears in my eyes I ran to him grabbing his hand I asked him if he was feeling okay, he laughed, "I am dying and you know it, before I go promise me one thing...........ask that girl out will ya we've been waiting for years haha....". Those were his final words as he blew out his last breath of air, I wanted to scream but remembered the position I was in, so all I did was cry if only for a few minutes I felt like my life had already been ended. 

    A week later most of us were either killed or captured, I was captured myself and brought to a holding facility made to lock away American soldiers to use as potential 'Trade Items'. 2 Months went by with nearly no food or water and no sunlight, thats when some of us were brought outside. On the ground layed some of our allies, supposedly they were executed because they were no longer needed anymore. We all thought this was our faith as well, this was until a young woman walked towards us, at first I didn't recognize her. It was the girl I had a crush on for the longest time, she had made a deal with Europe that in trade for her loyalty and information her friends would be spared. She walked past each of us to see if we were her friends, because we were so thin and had not shaved in months so it was hard to recognize us. She stopped and looked at me, a big smile on her face she hugged me, "Its you she said" those words made me get tears in my eyes. She helped me up and together with some German soldiers we were guided away from the rest of the group, but just when my happiness was at its peak I heard gunshots, lots of them, I looked over my shoulder and saw the others that came outside with me laying dead on the ground. Quickly the girl pulled me into a car and we drove off.

    When we arrived in a little village me and most of my friends met up again, we were overjoyed to see everyone again. Together we discussed what happened to us and told the last words of our fallen comrades. Day and night we were being watched by multiple soldiers, the deal meant we were freed from prison but not free to go wherever we want. In the end we were still captured in a cage, just bigger than before. The war raged on and now it got worse than ever, nuclear weapons were getting used by both nations. Within the first week Canada, Texas, Spain, The Netherlands and Italy were completely destroyed without even a trace left. Word came in that Germany was one of the next targets so naturally the soldiers all left the moment the news came in. We were left unguarded and started looking for a car to attempt a escape ourselves, after findign a suitable vehicle to fit everyone in we went straight for the border. For now we managed to escape but word got out that a group of young people crossed the german border, so we were once again being hunted.





    If u liked this let me know ill try to get the rest written soon. Just felt like splitting it up would be easier and quicker.

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