Story Time with Aqua: The War of Blood and Roses Part 2

  • After crossing the border that day our lives became dangerous once again, unable to stay in one place for long we had to keep moving. Our group now consisted of Me, my friends Tom, Ethan, Ryan, Sofia and the girl I am in love with Lillian. The six of us were always noticed by locals and had to always hide from sight as much as we could. This time though we have been able to stay in one place for over a week already without being noticed, maybe this is a safe place we all thought, but what we didnt know was that the villagers had already called us out to the military and we were getting locked in, ready to get killed. Ryan was the first to notice the direness of our situation after he told us we started thinking, thinking of a way out of this mess. Thats when Sofia came with her idea, she told us that when we entered town she saw a old police van, if we used that we could leave town without being checked. The next morning I woke up as I opened my eyes thoughts were already going through my head on how we could pull this off safely. If only it was that easy, I looked around and noticed what I didnt at first, Tom and Ryan were laying on the ground with their wrists covered in blood. They killed themselves out of stress, thinking there was no other way out of this hell. Sofia and Lillian were both crying, Ethan was nowhere to be seen. I got up and tried to pull myself together, I had to find a solution, I HAVE TO!. Thats when I heard them, cars atleast 4 of them coming our way, the Europian military was coming to kill us.

    Without a second thought I grabbed the hands of Sofia and Lillian and ran out into the nearby forest, I kept on running and running as far as my legs could carry me. When we reached the outside border of the forest I heard a familiar voice, it was Ethan he went out early in the morning and managed to get the police van and was waiting for us after seeing the cars heading for our camp. We got into the van as fast as possible and drove off. We were heading to Austria as that was one of the only countries who denied fighthing America and stayed out of the war. As we got closer and closer to our destination we noticed that things were changing in Europe, more and more countries were cutting their connection with the war and became rebels, as a result came a war between 3 factions: Europe, America and The Grant Union, that was the name the countries who cut their ties with Europe chose to go under. When we heard this we started moving faster and faster, as Austria was one of the first countries to split off we had the highest chance of survival there. After many days we finally reached Austria's border, guarded like a fortress we were quickly halted and captured by The Grant Union. At first all I could think was that we were surely going to get killed for being American, thats when a man, about 40 years old with a long brown beard came in and talked to us. As I listened my fear shrunk more and more, the man told us that if we wanted we could join them and share any information we had with them. Without doubting even a second I thanked him and accepted his offer. After telling them all we knew though, something unexpected happened. After we went to sleep we were taken away, me and Lillian woke up next to eachother in a forest was all we managed to figure out at that time. After gaining a basic understanding of our situation, the fact that we were lied to, we started looking for Ethan and Sofia. They were nowhere to be found. Trapped within a unknown forest, without any food or water we had to survive. I kept Lillian calm but that was all I could do, I am weak, a coward and not smart. Those were the only thoughts going through my head. I didnt know what to do, where to go or even if we were going to survive. We managed to gather some basic items for survival and made a little camp, hoping the others would find us we went to sleep, not knowing what would happen.



    To be Continued.


    Hope whoever read this enjoyed it, I think its going better than the first part and hope to hear you peeps opinion on it.

  • Aqua
    Aqua Finally finished part 2, hopefully i fixed some mistakes from the first part. Hope you peeps enjoy it, and lemme know ur opinion
    October 22, 2016
  • dragon slayer chris
    dragon slayer chris i love these plz part 3
    October 22, 2016