Guide to the Internet

  • This guide is made for pretty much anyone on the internet in the hopes that people keep themselves out of trouble.

    How to survive on the internet.

    At first count everyone as a random strange 40 year old man(to dont go sharing personal info etc)

    If proven the person is not a 40 year old creep feel free to be a bit more loose.

    Next everyone is still not a possible love interest(so you dont go falling for girls who are actually men)

    If proven they are in fact a Woman/Man (depending on your sexuality) move to next step, if not be careful with your words

    If they are fitting to your interest always think they are taken(so you dont go pushing them away without knowing enough)

    If proven they are single, a fitting partner and all that has been cleared only then should you even slightly consider flirting or whatever u feel like doing.


    I hope these tips atleast help someone cause i hate to see people get baited. The tips are probably a bit off from what they mean but it should atleast help a little bit.

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  • Oreo
    Oreo Thus is very useful XD
    January 18, 2017