The Melancholy of Konata Izumi (Chapter 1 & 2)

  • Please note: That fanfiction was not created by me, however, the facebook user named Sarah who administrated at a Konata Izumi page.

    The Melancholy of Konata Izumi (chapt. 1, 2)

    Konata: Ok let's do this!
    Miyuki: Sure, let's go!
    Kagami: Quit screwing around and start!

    aimai san-SENCHI sorya puni tte koto kai? cho!
    RAPPINGU ga seifuku... daaa furi tte kotanai puu.
    ganbaccha yacchacha
    sonto KYAACCHI & Release gyo
    ase (Fuu) ase (Fuu) no tanima ni Darlin' Darlin' FREEZE!
    nanka daru nanka deru
    aishiteru are ikko ga chigatterunruu
    nayminbou koutetsubou
    oishinbou ii kagen ni shinasai
    tondetta aitsu no hoteru karada tte
    iwayuru futsu no onya no ko
    odoroita atashi dake? tonkotsu harigane okawari da-da-da
    BON-BON ouendan
    Let's get! CHERII PAI
    RAN-RAN kangeikai
    Look up! SENSEISHON
    Hai! sonzaikan ten-ten shouwakusei
    butsukatte tokemashita bouzen
    ooi ni utatte SHIRENJA-

    Matt: WHOA, WHOA WHOA! What the hell do you think you're doing guys!
    Konata: we're doing the opening Matt...Just like you said to do
    Matt: I said we were introducing the two main characters in the story, not most of the cast!
    Kagami: I knew Konata would screw this up somehow
    Miyuki: I don't mind
    Matt: Can everyone apart from Konata go please; you'll get introduced as the story goes on
    Konata: Sorry a little carried away
    Kagami: You're a pain even before a story starts
    Konata: You love it though
    Kagami: I DO NOT!
    Matt: Sort it out later guys; we don't have much time you know
    Kagami: Whatever, see you later Matt
    Matt: Yeah, you will...
    AHEM, Hi there fanfic people who are reading this, I am so sorry for this uncorrect start to this story that revolves around a boy…who is myself and my best friend who I've known since the first hour of my birth….true story but you'll find that out soon enough. Anyway the story is all about the two friends who have spent their entire life's around each other and are inseparable but their starting their life's as High School students and new friends enter their lives and-
    ''KONATA! You interrupted my introduction to the story again…I spent ages thinking a good intro and everything
    ''Awww is my little Matt going to get angry?'' I heard Konata say as she stuck her tongue out at me. ''You wouldn't let me help you with writing the start of the story…so I thought I'd come and watch you in action after you stopped the opening song''
    ''It's not a movie Konata, it's a story about us?'' I replied to her ''And you can't use that song, it's copyrighted''
    ''Just say who the song belongs too or something like that'' Konata suggested ''OOOOOO….is it a Yuri story?'' she asked me
    ''NO IT IS NOT A YURI!'' I said in annoyance
    ''Yaoi?'' she asked next
    ''Or a Yaoi'' I yelled back. Seriously, what's with all the dumb questions, I mean their aren't even enough male characters in the series for a Yaoi…unless you enjoy an adult having sex with a student which I hope no one who reads this does. Apart from me, theirs like two other male characters.
    ''Then what's it about?'' Konata said as she asked yet another question
    ''Can I get on please go and read a Manga or something'' I told her
    ''...fine'' Konata sighed as she gave in and walked away to read some of her books.
    Anyway….as I was saying, AHEM…as new friends enter their lives…feelings develop and rivalries are created. Will the two lifelong friends manage to keep their friendship or will Konata finally admit her feelings for her best friend….before it's too late?
    ''Is this part of the story Matt?'' asked Konata
    ''What?'' I replied in with a slight sigh of frustration from the continuing interruptions from Konata ''I thought you were reading?''
    ''This segment…is it part of the actual story?'' Konata asked me with a small smile on her face, I swear…even in segments she's a pain in the ass
    ''No…I guess it's just an extra segment'' I answered ''an introduction before the story actually starts''
    ''But why…can't we just get going'' Konata winked at me
    ''You don't like it? Go complain to the writer'' I moaned back at her. Don't worry folks; we'll be having plenty of arguments throughout the entire story.
    ''How about we both introduce ourselves to all the Otaku's who are reading this story?'' I heard Konata suggest ''and can I go first?''
    ''Well….I guess, it is an introduction after all'' I answered. I'm actually surprised that she came up with a good idea for a change and he I thought that all she cared about was games and anime
    ''Go ahead Konata'' I replied ''But be serious about it, you only get one shot''
    ''I'm Konata Izumi and I'm not interested in ordinary humans, if you're an alien, time traveller or an esper, come s-
    ''That's enough'' Matt sighed as he pulled me backwards by the collar of my t shirt. He's so cute when he gets cross…especially when I'm the cause of it.
    Seriously though, my name's Konata Izumi, I'm fifteen years old and I live with my dad in the Saitama prefecture. My hair's blue and I have emerald green eyes.
    ''Don't forget to tell them that your short'' I heard Matt say teasingly
    ''I'm not that short Matt!'' I replied in a moody tone
    ''You are…you look like a first year Junior High student'' he answered back
    Anyway…I'm a major Otaku…if it wasn't for Matt; I probably wouldn't leave my house…that besides, who needs school anyway?
    ''That's not the message you should be spreading to people worldwide Konata'' Matt sighed. He sure does like to sigh a lot but I don't mind whatsoever.
    ''What are you saying to these people?'' He asked in a unbelieving tone of voice
    ''Oh nothing'' I said in a teasing way, I enjoy teasing him…it's been like this since we were babies and we went through kinder garden all the way to the now time. At first my dad was unsure about me having a boy for a best friend but he got over it, he now teases me and says I like Matt more than just a friend and that he'll be my boyfriend one day but if I mention any other boys then he goes crazy….well it is true that I have some feelings for Matt but I'm not going to let him know that just yet.
    ''Did you say something Konata?'' Matt asked me curiously
    ''Nooooooo'' I replied teasingly ''Nothing at all''
    ''Well can I introduce myself now?'' he asked me in a hopeful voice ''Give me a chance will you?''
    ''Hmmmm if you sleep over at my house this weekend then you can'' I replied to him happily
    ''What! That's evil and besides that this whole thing was my idea'' he replied in annoyance
    ''Awww but we need to watch anime all weekend like we used too''
    ''Ok already but you'll have to stay at my place so let me introduce myself already'' Matt moaned.
    ''It's a deal then!'' I said happily ''Take it away man''
    ''Whatever'' he said in his typical tone of voice which was to pretend to listen to what I was saying but thinking about something else entirely but we'll stop here for now and wait until the story starts.
    My name is Matthew Yamamoto and I'm half British and half Japanese who was born in Tokyo. I'm a younger twin brother but my older brother passed away a while ago along with my parents but I'll talk about that later. I have a little sister who I take care of; she's all I have left of my family now so as you can imagine, I'm pretty protective of her.
    I have blue eyes and have curly brown hair and I'm much taller than Konata is.
    ''Don't rub it in'' Konata moaned in the background ''You know I don't like that''
    ''Let me put it this way Konata, If I wanted to lean on you with my arm, I would have to kneel down first'' I laughed
    I and my sister live in a house not too far away from Konata's place so it's convenient and it helps with transport and other favours. And with that said, we can finally get this story going, We hope you enjoy it and for all those Yuri lovers who are looking at this right now...don't expect Konata and Kagami to start kissing each other or for Yaoi fans me and Sebastian to get into bed together. It's a Konata x OC story with maybe a little Kagami mixed in there or maybe Tsukasa, I don't know, it's up to the writer man.
    ''Millions of Yuri and Yaoi fans have just killed themselves'' sighed Konata ''It's lonely Kagami all over again''
    ''They'll live'' I replied as I shrugged it off. ''And wasn't that just a dream?'' I asked confusingly
    ''OC stories aren't that popular you know'' Konata said to me teasingly in an effort to change the subject
    ''THEY CAN BE! Ok'' I snapped at her ''I'll prove it...You'll see''
    ''Well you're going to need plenty of Moe, lucky for have Miyuki san in this story''
    ''Yey'' I replied in a fake voice ''trust you to use her as your weapon''
    ''Don't forget yourself'' Konata winked at me
    ''...How could I...forget I mean'' I replied ''Just do me a favour and do the copyright thing you were going on about earlier''
    ''Lucky Star belongs to Kagami Yoshimizu as do all the songs, however Matt Yamamoto does not...because he's an OC Character'' Konata explained ''All characters are fictional and aren't real...wait what?''
    ''Never mind Konata, let's just start already'' I sighed

    chapter 2: konata and matt

    Ok, I know that most people love to pretend that things like Wizards, Anime and Manga are real but the sad truth is that they don't...Harry Potter, Goku or even Shin Chan...I thought he was real until I was twelve. Anyway, our story begins back on the day that I was born so we have to go back quite a distance...fifteen years to be correct.
    First off, I live alone with my little sister parents and twin brother aren't here any longer, it's a little painful to talk about so I hope you understand if I don't go into details right now. But I will talk about the day where I and Konata first met. It was your average rainy June day in a hospital in Saitama, just outside Tokyo for those of you unfamiliar with the area and my mother was being rushed through to give birth, give birth to a set of twins who would seriously give her a run for her money.
    And the first thing I can ever remember, that first small little memory everyone has as a small and innocent child. Whether it's going on a swing set for the first time or being dropped by your mother accidentally but my first ever memory was being poked in the face. Here's what happened, I was a very unstable baby so I was crying alot and no one could calm me down...until I saw her, a baby girl with very tiny blue hair and emerald green eyes suddenly staring at me, her finger was in my cheek as she giggled and for reasons unknown, I smiled back at her and I stopped crying. Turns out she ran away from an injection she was meant to have and she had wandered into my ward and tried to hide in my crib. Sounds adorable I know but that's how it happened. Her parents found her but she wouldn't leave, she gripped onto the crib and wouldn't budge. Her parents eventually came to the conclusion that she liked me and we became friends then and we both didn't even realise it...being babies and all.
    Ever since that one moment where we first met, that blue haired girl has always somehow found her way to me. Let me explain what I mean, by some coincidence it turned out that we lived in the same neighbourhood and her parents both seemed happy enough for the two of us to have play dates which is the two of us going to the park together every now and then but are supervised by our parents. As you can already guess, we became friends and shared life's experiences together. First words, first day of school, our first Comiket you name it, we did it together.
    But the happy times weren't going to last and on one fateful day, Konata's world changed...forever. Her mother suddenly became weak and died of a mysterious illness but the biggest mystery of all and this is something that I still don't understand today is the matter of Konata not crying or showing any signs that she was upset about it at all. Is she hiding her feelings from everyone? Is she afraid for people to see her cry? Then the same thing happened to me a week after my sister's second birthday, I'm glad I had Konata's family to support us during the struggle. Don't get me wrong, I still have my grandma and a few uncles and aunts left but none of them live in Tokyo and I didn't want to leave the city so they pay the bills and everything which I can never repay them for. In a way, I and Konata understand each other because we've both lost someone we never really got to know.
    When Konata was six, she took me to a thing called Comiket and it became a holiday for us. Comiket has helped our friendship grow to heights that can never be touched or tampered with by anyone else, we trust the other with our lives.
    Anyway back to Konata, for a while, I and Konata were the same size but when we started Junior high, I kept growing and Konata just stopped altogether. She was a very sweet and happy girl as we grew up and she still is but has been heavily influenced by Manga and Anime...I have nothing against it or anything but I know she does it to fill the void her mother left behind. She won't ever admit it though so I never bring it up, if it keeps her happy then I'm all for it.
    I went back to my books as I was studying for an entrance exam which was in two days, I had gotten up early to get a head start and I was doing well...until I heard a familiar noise from out of my window, it was the sound of footsteps and branches being grabbed onto. I would have gone to see what the noise was but I already knew, there was only one thing that ever climbed that tree and that thing was.
    ''GOOD MORNING MATT!'' I heard from my bedroom window. I turned and as I expected, I saw Konata climbing through my window.
    I shouldn't really be I am studying for my entrance exams and Konata isn't. I bet she hasn't even opened any of her text books yet.
    ''Konata, I've told you a million times already, please don't climb up the tree in the garden into my room!'' I said in annoyance
    ''Awww but I took my shoes off this time'' said Konata in her childish voice. She tends to enter the house with her shoes on which isn't that big of a deal if she hadn't treaded in my garden every time before coming up my house via the tree.
    ''Just use the damn door next time squirt'' I moaned ''you'll give my sister ideas''
    ''But she's a genius...she's not that stupid'' replied Konata
    ''She's still seven Konata!'' I said back ''and she broke her arm when she tried to copy you...climbing the tree''
    She giggled and started to wander around my room, always going to my bookcase to look at my Manga. I don't know why when she has the same Manga but that's Konata for you. Konata then suddenly placed her arms around my neck and peaked over and looked at my desk, seeing all of my notes for the upcoming tests.
    ''What are you up too?'' Konata asked curiously a she was holidng my opy of Starwberry Panic. Yes I have a copy, what of it?
    ''I'm studying know what studying is don't you?'' I asked her back
    ''What are you studying for?'' Konata asked stupidly
    ''The know...the entrance exam we have on Monday?'' I said in disbelief
    ''Oh yeah, I forgot about that'' laughed Konata
    ''Shouldn't you be studying Konata?'' I asked her curiously ''our exams are on Monday you know''
    Konata just smiled and rubbed the back of her head as usual when I mentioned the 'S' word
    ''No worries Matt, I'll just do what I always do in these situations'' smiled Konata
    ''You mean an overnight study session right?'' I sighed ''You're telling me that you can studying that much in one one could do that Konata''
    ''No problem, my dad's given me a little push to help me along'' replied Konata
    ''Oh god, what has he promised to get you this time?'' I asked her with a groan
    ''A ps2 if I get into the school you're trying to get into...what's it called again?'' Konata asked me with a clueless expression
    ''Ryoo High...we looked around it last week remember?'' I reminded Konata
    ''Doesn't ring a bell'' Konata laughed
    ''Doesn't shock me really'' I teased ''Nothing you do ever does anymore''
    This girl can be unbelievable sometimes. I should say something but I know it won't make a difference; she won't do any studying until the last minute. She has never taken school seriously before and I'm starting to think she only goes because of me but why me? What's so special about me that make Konata want to go to school and not do anything except annoy me all day.
    ''I was wondering if you fancied heading into town with me?'' Konata asked me out of the blue ''we could hit the arcades or a cosplay cafe she winked in an attempt to get me to go along with her.
    ''I'm studying Konata...don't you listen when someone's talking to you?'' I replied ''you could study with me'' I suggested
    ''But I want to have some fun just like we did last summer'' moaned Konata ''Remember, we did all sorts together, it was the best time of my life''
    ''It was mine too Konata'' I sighed ''But that was then and this is now''
    ''Awww can't I at least copy your notes?'' Konata asked me
    ''No way, it's not good for you to rely on others for notes'' I said sternly
    ''Oh come on man'' said Konata as she grabbed my arm and tried to drag me out of my chair. She managed to drag me onto the floor; small as she might be...she's strong as well.
    ''No...let me up'' I said in an annoyed voice
    ''I have my ways of persuading you'' teased Konata as she was now sat on top of me, typical...she had to wear a skirt today. Truth was I could have got her of me if I wanted too but I knew that if I made one wrong move then she would have me...I knew what methods of persuasion she was talking about.
    ''You wouldn't...that's not fair Konata'' I said back to her but the look in her eyes told me that she knew that she was going to get her way.
    ''Are you going to come with me into town?'' asked Konata ''or do I have to get rough with you?''
    ''I need to study Konata, I can't go with you today'' I replied ''can't we go after the exam?''
    I knew that I would eventually give in because I was extremely ticklish and Konata knew that little detail very well. Over the years she developed new tactics and made me feel like a slave half the time, especially at Comiket I was the one carrying all of her stuff as well as my own while she wandered around with a big smile on her face, without a care in the world.
    ''But the new Haruhi Suzamiya book comes out today and I have to have it'' announced Konata as I came out of thought ''and besides that, I need you to come with me to Akihabara and watch me try some stuff on''
    ''...Stuff?'' I replied cautiously
    ''Oh come on Matt, we both know I mean cosplay'' winked Konata ''I know you love it'' she winked again
    ''I can't leave it Konata...I-
    Before I could finish, her little fingers were tickling my stomach and I couldn't help but laugh out loud, I tried my best to get out of the hold she had over me but every time I made a move she stopped me. A minute passed and I was still holding on but my face was a dark red and I was sweating a storm.
    ''You know you want to Matt, you can study later but come and have fun with me'' said Konata ''don't tell me you've gotten boring on me''
    ''I'm not boring Konata!'' I replied laughing ''I just like to do my work''
    ''Prove it then'' she said teasingly ''Leave the boring studying until later and come and have fun with me, I might even let you watch me undress like you used too''
    ''Do I have too Konata?'' I pleaded ''And HOLD ON A MINUTE! you made me watch you get handcuffed me down.
    So lets get that clear people, I didn't choose to watch her, I even closed my eyes half the time but she forced me to watch her. If more so it's her dad who was the one peaking behind her door and watching, I think Konata knew but didn't say anything about it.
    ''I wanted to buy a Haruhi costume'' said Konata ''And you can be my Kyon''
    ''Your kidding, I don't cosplay'' I said back to her
    ''You did that one night'' teased Konata ''That one special night''
    ''First off, you got me drunk and second I have no idea how you got those clothes on me''
    ''Don't make me tickle your feet Matt'' grinned Konata with a spark in her eyes
    ''OK!...Ok, I'll go with you but stop torturing me already'' I replied ''Please's me after all''
    Satisfied with my answer, she stopped tickling and got off me and helped me up to my feet. Beaten and humiliated I didn't know what to do but Konata surprised me by hugging me. She wrapped her arms around my waist and squeezed me.
    ''Trust me, today will help you relax'' Konata said with a smile on her suspicious face ''Come and have fun with your sister''
    ''You're not my sister Konata'' I sighed
    ''You've called me more than that before'' winked Konata
    ''That was ages ago!'' I said embarrassed ''and you made me''
    ''You loved it...I know you did'' smiled Konata as she elbowed me softly in the stomach
    I must have gone a deep red as Konata couldn't help but giggle at me. It was unfair when Konata could always dig into our past and use it against me. We must have been making quite a noise as my bedroom door then slowly opened and my little four year old sister wandered in with a smile on her face. She has light brown hair and blue eyes.
    ''What's going on in here big brother?'' Hayase asked me in her little innocent voice ''I heard a large bang and everything from up here''
    Your probably wondering what my little sister does whenever I go out somewhere, well she's what everyone would like to call a little genius. She wanted a lab coat for her fourth birthday last year and she's worn the damn thing ever since. Being as smart as she is, Hayase managed to create herself a friend who takes care of her when I'm away, which is a huge help, the weird thing about the whole thing is that the robot she made looks like an ordinary high school student...well apart from one thing.
    ''Professor...I beg of you!'' I heard from outside the room ''Please remove my screw...I've had the neighbour boys stare at it all morning.
    That's right, there's a big screw sticking out of Nano's back. I know what you're thinking people but Hayase and Nano are not from the Anime Nichijou...their totally different!
    ''No...It's cute'' huffed Hayase ''Like Konata san says, it's Moe''
    ''Damn right it is'' agreed Konata
    I heard Nano let out a whine before she made her way back downstairs to probably hang out the washing. I need to tell Hayase to go easy on Nano a little seems unfair that she has to do everything. The reason she made Nano in the first place was so I could spend time with my friends and she wanted someone to play with. Nano does everything with Hayase and in a way is like a mother to her.
    ''Hayase, I'm going out for a while with Konata so be good for Nano while I'm gone'' I told her like a big brother should
    ''Oh, then bring me back some snacks'' Hayase replied ''Nano won't buy me anything when she goes shopping''
    ''What, you had some snacks yesterday!'' I replied ''and I won't let you have any more until next week''
    ''Yeah but I finished all of them'' said Hayase ''so I need more, don't be mean''
    ''Not until next week Hayase, they'll rot your teeth and you'll have to see the dentist you want that?''
    The look of fear of her small face told me that I had won this argument, I've already had one girl get her way with me today; I won't let two have it.
    ''You're mean Matt'' sulked Hayase as she stuck her tongue out at me which made Konata giggle.
    ''Whatever, just be good for Nano and be nice to her...she does alot for us you know and you don't appreciate it alot''
    ''What do you mean?'' Hayase asked me confused ''I'm her creator so why can't I treat her any way I see fit
    ''Creation?'' said Konata
    ''SHE'S KIDDING!'' I said out of the blue ''Nano's a friend from down the street...she loves cosplay hence the screw on her back, we've gone through this already Konata.
    ''Oh yeah, she's my kind of girl'' grinned Konata ''Maybe we should bring her along with us''
    ''Then no one would be watching Hayase'' I pointed out ''we pay Nano to look after her when I go out''
    ''But she's here every day?'' replied Konata ''Explain that to me''
    ''She's a robot who lives with us'' said Hayase out of the blue
    ''HAYASE!'' I said with a yell
    ''Really!'' said an excited Konata
    ''Don't be silly, she's just playing, right Hayase?'' I said to her in a pleading tone
    ''No...I'm serious'' smiled Hayase ''Boy, I'm hungry, could sure use a few snacks right about now'' I spotted a wink coming from her, I knew I was beaten.
    ''Well...If you've been good then I'll buy you some snacks before I come home but only if you're good Hayase'' I said slowly
    She giggled, knowing she had got what she wanted. Hayase then said she was joking about Nano being a robot which was a relief. If Nano had found out she would have gone crazy, she's so against anyone finding out that she's not human. She cried so much when I found out but she's alright now and we're very good friends.
    ''I'll see you tonight sis'' I smiled and Hayase eventually smiled back. I feel more than happy to leave Hayase with Nano so I headed out for the day with Konata who in truth has no idea that Nano is a robot at all...come on its Konata after all and I'm happy to keep it that way. I left the house and started to walk towards the train station with Konata who was smiling like nothing else.
    ''You know how to push my buttons don't you Konata'' I said with a small smile ''I felt so pathetic back there''
    ''its years of practice my good friend'' Konata smiled back ''I know you too well''
    ''What you mean by that?'' I asked curiously
    ''Well we've been through so much... you know just as much about me as I know about you...I don't want you out of my life Matt...Ever'' admitted Konata ''you know all my secrets''
    Just like that, I felt an urge to be happy. She might annoy me at times but she was my best friend for life and I couldn't do without her in my life either. The longest we have been apart is a week after all.
    ''Akihabara, here we come'' cheered Konata as she grabbed my hand and dragged me down the street. Typical Konata behaviour but you know something; I would never change her for the world.
    ''Oh and one more thing Matt' said Konata as she slowed down which amazes me, she's a very fast girl for someone with short legs
    ''What's that?'' I asked
    ''Don't ever change Matt'' blushed Konata ''Oh you'll receive a death penalty''
    It's rare for Konata to ever blush. I've seen cheery blossoms fall more times to be honest but it always means so much when she's cute
    ''You too Konata'' I said back
    ''Oh I'll always be like this'' smiled Konata
    ''Well...if you did your own work then I wouldn't have a problem'' I said teasingly
    ''But it's more fun to get my answers from you...I get to spend more time with you that way'' Konata said softly
    ''But you could study with me and spend time with me'' I said annoyed ''you can't get passed me with that one Konata''
    ''Oh no, Matthew saw through my attack!'' panicked Konata
    ''What are you like Konata'' I sighed but smiled afterwards. We both just stared at each other before laughing with each other.
    ''Let's go Konata'' I suggested
    ''Right behind you Matt'' smiled Konata
    That girl...I just don't know sometimes but my life would be boring without her in it.