How Dare you Devs, Im sorry.

  •           Dear Developers,

          I have always loved your games. However the lack of communication to your fan base is disturbing.  For instance, don't advertise a release date for a remake *Cough Cough* (Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy VII), and then not deliver.  Do not misunderstand.  I have no issue waiting however long for a release, but have a solid date damnit.  It makes your customers who pay for all the great preminum stuff in your games to really question anything you say.


          On a more positive note I have just recently downloaded Nier Automata, and Nioh.  Both have blown my mind and my expectations.  Sadly there aren't enough hours in the day to Play them both, plus having to work... Bah.  Another honorary mention in this little rant are the Tales of (      ) series'.  Many more impressive games out there, again just not enough hours.  Also looking forward to the new Mass Effect after pay day.  The point I'm failing to get across is that the disappointments of dev's delays and setbacks are wildly outshone by the hours of spectacular enjoyment someone like me gets from the game.  If only the producer's, developer's, writer's, and other maker's of games could get on the same page.   *Sigh*