Recent Entries

  • Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone! <3
  • Happy Monday

    Happy Monday everyone!
  • A week till Easter

    Happy Palm Sunday everyone. It is a week from Easter. I wish I had a nice Easter dress to wear.
  • Back from my trip

    I am back from my trip with my parents. It wasnt an easy trip and I am very glad to be home. Tomorrow is palm sunday which I am glad about. I am Christian and looking forward to any healing I might have on palm sunday.
  • Trip

    I may be gone till Saturday, taking a short trip with my mom. I'm not really up to going and I hope it is posponed.
  • Being an anime girl

    I love being an anime girl :)
  • Azone Dolls

    I wish I could get an azone doll. I really love the Minami teacher doll.
  • Anime Community

    I feel very safe in the anime community.
  • Photopshop

    I hope to get photoshop one day so I can create anime people.
  • Losing my Art

    A peice of art I was working on for a long time got hurt and destroyed and my heart is hurt over it. -Rachel
  • Last Day in March

    Today is the last day in March and I am glad. I am looking forward to the healing April may bring for me. I hope everyone is well today.
  • Spring is Here

    Hi everyone, It seems Spring is already here. I had no idea it was here. Google says Spring started March 20th. I am glad for the season change though I miss Winter ( one of my favorite seasons). What are some things people are looking forward to for Spring and Summer? With love, Rachel
  • Winter is Leaving

    Greetings everyone, Winter is leaving and though I love winter, my winter was difficult so I am looking forward to the season change. I am looking forward to April and to the beauty of the Spring season. I hope everyone is doing well. Love, Rachel
  • Spring is Coming

    Hello everyone, Spring is coming and I cant wait. I am looking forward to the season change and to see the gentle warm weather. I am also looking forward to April showers. With love, Rachel