Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

  • Hello there, everyone. It's nice here. I mean, it's nice to be here. 

    Today, for the first time in forever, I'm going write a blog, about this one anime called, Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama

    I've been in love with this anime, and yes, to be honest, this is the only romance anime that I like. For me, it contains so many funny scenes, which most of them are kinda hilarious, and I enjoyed myself a lot. 

    It's kinda cool.

    SO there are 2 main characters as usual. I'm going to talk the tough girl first, Ayuzawa Misaki


    I don't care about the quality. 

    She is astonishing for me, she is the genuine heroine I ever met before. I like how she can deal things on her own, without depending on others so much. I also like how she is not domineering and still loving to other students. She is stern, yes, but that's what I admire about her. Yes, everyone, she is the tsundere-type. But believe me, the high-quality one. It's not easy to find a heroine like her, most of the anime contains a hot, sexy, cute, innocent, blur and much more but this one... she is very charming. I like how she face obstacles courageously, and the best thing about her is how she protects the girls in her school. Most of the girls are weak-willed in her school, so I love it how she bravely stands up for them. Misaki is sure the best heroine I ever encounter before. 

    The other one, of course it's goin' to be the hero. 

    Usui Takumi.



    Ah, this guy.... He took my interest a lot. Sure, I think his character is generally found in other animes, but for me, Usui Takumi is the coolest guy ever. He is 'perfect'. I like how he's trying to so stubborn to get Misaki, but at last, she's yours, Takumi-chan. He is amazing, I would say. I love how his personalities take over his body. He is kind, astonishing and only focuses on the girl that he likes. Even tho he got confessed so many times he also rejected them many times. That's cool. I know, he likes character like Misaki because Misaki is hard to get, and that is attractive to him. Cuz ya, guys who are popular don't like girls who are clingy and easy to get. So girls! Better ya' play hard to get, so that ya guys can get hot guys like Takumi-chan. 


    There's a bunch more to say, but I will end here. Not because I'm lazy, but I think it is not required for now. I'm just going to describe this 2 characters, and maybe will make another blog about the story, characters development and such. Thanks ya' all for reading, have a pleasant day!