Adrian Licht

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    "When I listen to works of Mozart, or whether I'm attending swan lake at the Royal Albert Hall. I get a sense of Bewilderment. As if, my own thoughts become someone else...I feel like a king...Haha, a little crazy is it not? as if I stand on the stage whether the play is being conducted, pulling the strings and saying
    ....I am King of kings, Look on my works Ye mighty...and despair...."

    "Tell me, what do you think is the ultimate fear? I really thought I'd already reached the darkest of the dark, but then, ahead of me, I beheld a darkness even greater still."

    "The big secret to breaking the rules is to make it look as though you're following them."


    Adrian 'Christoph' Licht

    The Snake of Hermes
    Jason Shamo
    Noel Rafoma

    Visual Age

    (Most forms of ID state that he would be 62 around this time)

    Adrian's appearance has always been in question for as long as he can remember, so much so that many of his students have often made gag websites regarding his looks suggesting that he immortal. But this is due to him aging very well, looking relatively young despite being in his sixties. This is due to his many years of Martial arts and His decelerated aging prowess which slows down his aging. He is tall, holds himself in a humble yet dignified manner. Often leaving no cause for slip-ups. He has gentle hazel eyes and a soft short blonde hair that parts and curls on either side of his forehead. He has very soft features with very few blemishes, suggesting he takes very good care of his skin.
    He is often seen wearing a dark brown colored blazer with a brown or black turtleneck underneath. With matching a pair of pants. This is finished off with a pair of black Deichmann shoes. 



    Adrian always carries himself in a well-mannered, exemplary fashion almost indistinguishable from that of higher powers; his mannerisms, coupled with his keen intellect, often leave people astounded at his humble origins. He is a very calm and thoughtful person. A Philosopher of sorts, always contemplating the nature of existence and many times getting lost in his own thoughts, be it whilst eating or listening to music. He is very cautious about his hygiene and appearance, though many of the students he teaches at multiple universities have quoted this to be one of many fronts, as one of the most glaring criticisms he receives is that he very mysterious and emanates a feeling of distance.
    He also has an avid fascination for animals, mostly his preferred animals are the reptile family, adoring the Komodo dragon and the Chamelion.
    Adrian also possesses an extreme aptitude for listening. Having stated that he adores listening to people's problems, as he has studied neuropsychology for a few years and believes that the mind is something that should be loved and further studied, not to mention he finds it a triumph in helping others. Being a counselor to many of his university students.

    Mediating, Yoga. Reading poems such as Dante and Ozymandias. Listening to Mozart. Investing time into Museums

    Lateness, disorganization. Rudeness and tactless answers

    Not much is known about Adrian before moving to England or after, nor is there much information regarding his parents before such time but what is known is that Adrian, formerly called Michael Veil, he was a German-born British immigrant, moving to England alongside his parents Kimberly Veil and Hanzel Veil in 1981. As most rough starts go, Hanzel and Kimberly managed to cope with the tough circumstances, Kimberly after 6 years of study and graduating in Neuro-psychology at the Imperial College of London, landed a job as a psychiatrist. Hanzel's startup, however, took a little longer, as it would take another 4 years for him to an international lawyer. During this boom in their careers, Michael, for the majority of the time spent his days alone at home, only ever seeing his parents on weekends and even then it was rare. Despite this creating an emotional distance between him and his parents, Michael decided to concentrate his attention on other things, such as reading and focusing on school. However a reoccurring issue that many teachers would bring up, would be that for whatever reason, Michael would seem bored with the majority of classes, this was possibly due to his grades already being at the highest level and he felt as if it there was nothing to challenge him mentally. He began growing distant with his peers and sometimes never turning up to classes but still having exceptional test scores.
    This caused his mother, Kimberly to hire and private tutor, one of university standard. Only being 14 years of age around this time, This was a significant challenge for him, as it did push his brain to limits he had yet discovered, however, the more he learned and understood about the world? the more his personality began to shift. Closing into himself more and more to the point of complete and utter isolation of both his parents and even many of his friends.

    Fast forward to the year 2002 Much of Adrian's life from 7 years ago to this point remained a mystery. However, it is known that during that time, he had made contact with some friends overseas in the US who were looking to start something and possibly expand over to the UK. However, at the time Michael didn't seem very interested. Michael graduated from MIT University at age 21. Majoring in Political science and Psychology. He was recognized for his papers of psychoanalysis and how research on Neuroscience is conducted. Famed for his intelligence a year after graduation, Michael received news that his parents had both been killed during conferences abroad. Requesting their bodies to be buried in England, He made the return trip to England, where he personally buried their bodies and took care of their graves. A good friend of his mother, Claire had tasked with handing over the inheritance money his parents had left behind if they should die. The sum total rounded up to over 100 million pounds and Half of that was donated to charity upon Michael's request and another half saved in the family savings account should he need it for an emergency. However within a month? Michael had his house burnt to cinders, Erased all profiles of himself and mysteriously vanished...

    40 years later
    Going by the name of Adrian 'Christoph' Licht and being almost unrecognizable to anyone who once knew him. It has been revealed that he was a former MI6 agent, before being transferred to the SAS, then within only 5 years of being indoctrinated, he quit, vanishing for the remaining years. He himself states that he still has ties with them. however, Adrian now works as practicing world Psychiatrist. Travelling from a different location every few months. It is unclear what happened to him within that 40-year gap. But since then he has showcased superhuman abilities that outclass any normal or even athletic human. Not only is he now a Psychiatrist, He is synonymous with the famous "Snake of Hermes" A man who seems to be the backbone of Many of England's underground cartel and Gangs. Though these are merely speculation at best, due to many accounts of people seeing him frequently visit bars associated with such gangs nothing ever concrete to make the rumors stick. Adrian has always been known to contact a man by the name of Aluien Adalbert, when asked he states that he is an old friend, like a mentor during his years away who taught him every he currently knows, he even went into great detail to state Aluien helped "Transform" Adrian and help him understand what the human body was truly capable of once the plateaus of the mind were conquered. He is also very good friends with Seiko Masashiki, An extremely well mannered martial artist, though feared for his fighting prowess. Having stated that Seiko Masashiki helped him cope with a time of grief and pain, also the two were sparring partners....Now after many years, Adrian has been known as a collector, collecting many books, artifacts, and even Journals often seen collecting them at Auctions or sales. He has been actively searching for specific Items, such The Nag Hammadi library, The Dead scrolls and the Necronomicon. Because of this hunger for discovery and knowledge, it has led him to many places and currently has him branded as a Vagabond.


    (The 40 year period will be revealed through rp and the names highlighted at important)

    Knotable traits
    His tastes are sophisticated and refined, and he has extensive knowledge in various artistic fields, as well as being a skilled chef. He is physically strong and capable with a blade. He has a very strong and accurate sense of smell.

    Intelligence: Adrian's intelligence is his greatest asset. He is extremely well-educated; in the realms of Biology, Linguistics, Physics, Geography, and History, also with his degree in psychology. During the 40 year period, He Gained degrees in Criminal Science and forensic science. He has mentioned that was an MI6 but this information has been kept deeply under wraps, where He trained as a doctor and as a psychiatrist and distinguished himself in both fields. He is manipulative and extremely knowledgeable in criminal techniques and forensic countermeasures He also has a vast knowledge of the human anatomy. His deductive skills are above average, able to deduce even the some of the hardest of puzzles and able to deduce the shortest and most effective routes he needs to take. As he has incredible psychoanalytical skills, able to gauge a person's psyche by mere standing posture and blinking of the eyes. As a linguistics, he knows how language can affect a person's actions and how certain words can induce specific reactions and exert influence on human behavior. He has read into concepts such as Linguistic relativity, the Sapir Whorf Hypothesis and many others.

    Eidetic memory: He also possesses an eidetic memory, meaning that he never forgets anything and has perfect recall.

    Multilingualism: is fluent in English, Turkish, German, Russian and various other languages

    Decelerated aging Through unknown means, Adrian ages much slower and lives much longer than normal human beings

    Superhuman Physiology: After the 40-year gap, Adrian returned with a body surpassing any human. Showing enhanced strength, speed, reflexes, stamina, durability, senses, agility, coordination, Flexibility and instincts superior to any human.

    Superhuman Bodily Efficiency
    Adrian, now as a superhuman possesses bodily systems that are totally efficient. Able think, Move, evade and attack with absolutely no wasted energy or effort on his part. This allows him to make the best use of his own body, including metabolism, immune system, temperature regulation, digestion, movement, thinking, etc., without having to expend/waste unnecessary effort or energy to make sure it's working the way it's supposed to.

    Superhuman Agility: Adrian has flawless coordination, equilibrium, and dexterity. stated to be very much like spiderman by many. Outclassing even Olympic gymnasts and Acrobats. He can jump and run along falling debris. He can manipulate all his bodily rotations, including spinning, turning, rolling, etc., allowing him to move his body in any way or direction, allowing to him escape any hold, dodge attacks from any direction, even bullets (Though if fired from a heavy artillery weapon it would be too much for him to handle). He can perform any physical activity without difficulty.

    Superhuman Momentum and Motion:
    As a by-product of his superhuman bodily control, Adrian can focus his body's acceleration/motion/speed to any point of his body, such as arms, hands, feet, legs, fingers, toes etc. This allows him complete and sudden acceleration from any point on his body, which lets him attack or dodge without warning or time to react, this also grants him perfect reflexes and allows him to even negate his own inertia. He can instantly change and move in any direction and with this, he can also change the speed of His motion, going from 0 to full speed in an instant (Something he uses in tangent with his fight prowess). Adrian doesn't need to gather momentum as he can generate great amounts of physical force through kinetic energy, even whilst in a stationary position. His speed lets him channel the force into powerful strikes, this is utilized Skillfully in his martial arts, as Adrian is able to successfully perform the famed One-inch punch and produce over 5,000 pounds of force (2.5 tons). With this comes the added fluidity of his movements, as Adrian has mentally trained himself to be able to use such body control to his advantage, allowing him to move without pause or hesitation as if flowing like water. He is also able to implement such movement into his fighting style, allowing his to fluidly connect attacks with coordinated follow-ups.

    Combat Prowess
    Adrian is an extreme prodigious fighter, Knowing forms only known to the military. Such as high-level training of Krav Maga, Bajiquan, Brazilian Jiujutsu, Aikido, Judo and Muay Thai. The 40 year gap period proves to be a mystery for those who knew him but he has demonstrated immense agility, easily surpassing that of an acrobatic. Reflexes superior to finest of honed martial artists and a well-trained sense of situational and spatial awareness, this coupled with his extensive knowledge of the human body and psyche makes him one to be feared.

    1911 Colt 45 Caliber Pistol
    A no-nonsense handgun for any combat zone. Range: 55 yards, Ammo: .45, Mag: 7 rounds, Muzzle Velocity: 825 ft per sec. A magazine fed, semi-automatic pistol with a Mag of seven rounds and one in the chamber for a maximum of eight rounds at the ready. Manufactured extremely well and endures most harsh conditions.

    CUMA Tak-RI Knife
    Combined Universal Martial Applications (CUMA) is a Black Traction coated, thirteen and a half-length Tactical / Combat knife with a Micarta handle, its blade made out of 1095 Carbon Steel.

    Items he has kept in a vault of treasures and artifacts
    Ring of Solomon.
    Amulet of Anubis.
    Journal Of Vanatul (A character I will hopefully be allowed to introduce soon)