Laughter at the Opera PART 1 - Paslėpta žinutė (Hidden message

  • Standing by the window of his room, carefully fitting on his suit, with a white rose gently nested in his breast pocket, Adrian gracefully buttoning his cufflinks, shuffling the ends of his shirt sleeves down his wrists, positioning them perfectly. slowly directing his hands to adjust his tie, smoothing it out, then turning to look at himself in the mirror, he pauses for a moment, his gentle blue eyes glossing over his suit, before slowly closing, turning and heading to his desk. Opening one of the drawers, taking out one of his Richard Wagner records, sliding out the CD, placing it on the record turntable and slowly positioning the pin. It scratches for a moment, he closes his eyes as the music begins to play.


    forming a Gentle smirk. he opens his eyes and looks around, flicking his right wrist and checking his watch, showing the time is currently 8:30...he nods to himself, walking over to his fireplace, where his globe is placed for decoration. He lifts the top half, revealing a bunch of assorted wines, picking out a bottle of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti. He smiles, closing the globe and heading into the kitchen, taking out a cork and popping open the bottle, pouring it into a wine glass, half filled. He places it down and raises his glass, rotating the wine, gently placing the glass beneath his nose, taking a whiff and smiling, placing the glass between his lips and closing his eyes, savoring the taste as the wine passes down his throat. He takes a gentle sigh, staring into the wine...his thoughts drifting...the music tending to the imagery, creating a clear image for him to visually, his thoughts move through time, to a time he had not forgotten

    Lithuania, 1st February 1918

    A black Charron Giradot Voigt car gently carries itself up a marble-paved driveway, passing through a gate before turning into the courtyard of a large grand estate. The driver steps out, walking to the passenger's seat, opening the door and outsteps a short caucasian man, with thinning brown hair, A pair of think silver lined glasses, A carefully brushed mustache that curled around its ends, wearing a burgundy three-piece suit. His height around 4ft11, his wearing eyes that held bags beneath them, magnified through his spectacles looked up at the looming grand estate. The Main building an architectural masterpiece of its time. A sort of palace that dwarfed any in scale, covering a vast 50-meter radius patch of land, Surrounded by a forest and wildlife, A lake that gently surrounded its parameter. The short man walks through the courtyard, heading towards the large double front doors guarded by dogs, who snarl and bark...The short man sweats, trying to keep his dignity, fixing his posture and desperately attempting to keep his composure, his large upper body, inflated stomach but scrawny little legs the dogs snarl and crouch, drawing closer to snap at him...he lets out a silent squeal before a voice shouts, silencing the dogs completely. The short man sighs, taking out a handkerchief, wiping away at his sweat, he chuckles as he watches the large double doors open and a tall man, with short dark brown hair, with parting bangs and wearing a black suit, smiles with his arms open

    "Ahhh Benas! there you are! you finally made it!"

    He steps out, hunching over ever so slightly and embracing the short fat man, laughing and patting his back

    "My god, you've gotten fat, haven't you? hahaha, come in! Come in! Kimberly will be delighted that you're here"

    He turns and gestures Benas inside, Benas simply chuckled, as he took a step inside he quickly glanced at the dogs, glaring at them...they barked and he whimpered, clearing his throat. He looked around, smiling softly, remembering the years he spent with Kimberly and Hanzel, he spots all the maids and butlers standing in rows, ready to serve, Benas then looks up at the banisters of the stairs...spotting a small little blonde boy, wearing a white buttoned shirt, tucked into a pair of black dressing shorts, with suspenders, His blue eyes piercing through Benas, with a blank, stoic expression....Benas smiles and walks to towards the start of the stairs and extends his hand

    Benas: Ooo~ and you must be...Michael He smiles softly, trying to reassure Michael that it okay "I've heard quite a bit about you from your father...that you are the next great Veil hahaha, you sure do resembling him, despite having your mother's hair and her eyes"

    Michael stares, before flinching and scrunching his face as a gentle hand, ruffles his hair and a soft soothing laugh echoes, bouncing off the walls of the main hall

    "He is indeed much like his father, but what he takes from me is pure class and charm, isn't that right Mano kūdikis?"

    Kimberly, kneels down and places a soft kiss on Michael's cheek before fulfilling her walk down the steps and opening her arms, with a bright smile, both with her lips and eyes, she embraces Benas

    "It is wonderful seeing you again Benas, when my husband told me you were coming I decided to have the chiefs cook all your favorite meals and have your most prized wines ready for you"

    She chuckled, rubbing his arms. Wearing a long, fitting red stress, twisting around her body. Her shoulders revealed but her cleavage covered completely, Benas chuckles and speaks

    "Well I'm here to address certain matters with your father, nothing too serious"

    Kimberly nods slowly, turning to Michael, looking up at him from below

    "Michael go to your room okay? I'll have the maids call you when dinner is ready"

    Benas looks at him

    "No it's okay, let the boy hear, he will be the next Veil no?"

    Kimberly looks at Benas

    "Oh stop it, he's only a child Benas, he does need to known of such things if it what I think it is..."

    She turns, realizing Michael hadn't left...she smiles softly, trekking up the stairs once again and kissing his forehead

    "Aš myliu tave, mano mažasis princas"
    (I love you, my little prince)

    She says with a smile, nuzzling his nose and Michael looks at her, cracking a slight smile, closing his eyes and hugging her

    "Aš taip pat myliu tave mama"
    (I love you too mama)

    She chuckles, ruffling his hair, turning back and walking down the stairs, taking Benas into a small little meeting room, she slowly closes the door...

    Present day

    Adrian, hearing a car horn outside, he quickly puts his glass of wine down and heads to the front door, taking his Keys, turning and closing the light, leaving the house...with the door slowly closing