Laughter at the Opera Part 2 - Lágrimas del Diablo

  • Ost: 

    A small round table was decorated and lit, candles lined along the edges of the crimson cloth that spread across the surface, covering the top of the table. Large oval plates of Gourmet Cuisine, covered with steel lids, presented and placed neatly beside one another along the cloth, with napkins and cutlery. The butlers and maids gently tended to the plates, placing them down softly. 3 round white plates with red napkins sitting in the middle, topped with one fork, a knife, and spoon. The butlers and Maids all bowed, as a tall man, with soft medium-length black hair that parted on his right and draped over his left eye walked into the room. His gentle almost womanly features, complimenting the beauty spot just under his left eye. His pale skin hidden behind the shadow cast by his hair, his soft eyes, shifting from a dark blue to a deep black covering his sclera followed by a heavy crimson that colored his irises upon blinking. His smooth lips curl into a heartwarming smile as he extends his hands, his eyes widen in awe at the presentation, the immaculate attention to detail. His black tight fitted suit, dressed over in a long black trench coat, swaying with his moves as he begins to hear the orchestra playing in front of the center stage...His hand movements, mimicking that of a conductor, waving them in a melodic fashion, as if he were the puppeteer. He turned to the face red curtains shielding the windows, he clapped his dark red glove-covered hands and the curtains opened, revealing a theater below. The room was a VIP suite, specifically catered to the most esteemed to attend this event. He looked down through the windows, looking at the seats that carefully surrounded the stage, the grandest of architectures, with a golden chandelier hanging over the seats. As the music played, the guests began to fill the seats and he gasped


    The guests all wore different masks to cover their faces, they all took their seats and chattered amongst themselves. Many of them had huge pockets, with wallets the size of bricks, with the clear intent to spend every penny. The man, glancing down from the window chuckled to himself before he was interrupted by one of the escort butlers

    "My Lord, he has arrived..."

    He took a deep breath and gently bit the edge of his bottom lip, with a seducing smile, his eyes narrowed and fluttered, before his body shivered ever so slightly

    "Escort him inside....let the show begin..."

    He turns and heads to the chair sitting on the right-hand side of the head of the table, gently reaching for a napkin and folding it neatly in his palm, crossing his left leg over his right, cupping his hands over his knees and closing his eyes. Swaying to the music

    "Oh and please alert the chef that his guest of honor has arrived..."

    One of the Butlers bow, heading out of the room and towards the Kitchen, opening the large double doors...the windows covered in steam and the middle of the vast kitchen, stands a naked man, wearing a blue apron, with medical gloves and cigarette in his mouth, covered in blood as it drips down his body...he blows out a puff of smoke, glancing over his shoulder towards the doors as they opened, he finds the butler clearing his throat. Keeping his eyes closed, avoiding any eye contact and refusing to spare any glance at the bloody mess that the chef has made, dismembered limbs laying on the counters. Bits of skin on the floor and other body parts such as organs. The butler takes deep breaths, before slowing raising his posture, opening his eyes to look at the chef...who was resting his hips against the oven, with his arms raised over his chest as he held a lighter against the tip of a new cigarette, lighting it...he took a deep breath, before snorting the smoke out from his nostrils. Throwing the lighter, he held the cigarette by his index and middle finger, pulling it away from his lips and looking at the butler

    "Are you just going to stand there? or did you come to tell me something?"

    The butler cleared his throat once more, opening his eyes slowly, looking at the chef, His dark caramel hair with shaved sides revealing his hairs true black color. The dark bags resting under his eyes showing signs of fatigue, his dilated pupils and vein covered sclera...his scent was that of blood and gore...staring right at the butler. He finally parted his lips, with his hands to his side, straightened and standing with a proper posture, he spoke

    "The master wishes to reveal that the guest of Honor has arrived, Sir. Please make sure you are adequately dressed and behave in an appropriate mann-..."

    The butler stopped his sentence midway...his eyes widened as he looked at the chef, whom now held the eyes of a lovestruck teen, who had experienced lust and pleasure for the first time...his eyes quivering...he bit his lip hard, drawing his own blood that mixed with the strings of his own drool dripping from his lip...he panted heavily, crossing his legs....before sliding his index and middle fingers inside his mouth, rolling his eyes to the back of his head and sucking on them...his body trembling as he whispers to himself...

    "A-Ahh...~ B-Benissimo..."

    He took a deep breath and pulled his fingers out from his mouth, gently flicking the saliva at the butler, prompting him to jolt, but he made no expression. The Chef then walked up to the butler, grabbing his left shoulder and spinning him to face the door, pushing him through the double doors....The butler stumbled and looked back. As the doors swayed against each other....each time the doors collided and reopened...the butler looked between the cracks of the find the his apron...then suddenly in a brown blazer and pants, with a turtleneck black sweater underneath....A golden watch sitting on his left wrist, the doors finally came to a close and the chef grinned...The butler shook his head and returned back to the VIP suite. As he entered, he noticed how the room was now filled with individuals wear owl masks, standing alongside the walls of the room, all with red roses cupped within their white glove covered hands. They all waited for their guest of honor to arrive. The doors opened as the chef finally entered the room, taking his place on the other side of the table...opposite the man with womanly features and red eyes...

    "I cannot contain my excitement...He must seem"

    Running his fingers over his place, the chef reaches for his fork and picks it up, licking it and biting on the end. The man with womanly features shakes his head, lacing a loose strand of hair gently behind his ear

    "He's a man with a silver tongue of a word is to die for...~"

    The chef shivered

    "How daunting...."

    He chuckled, before they both fell silent, as the butlers headed to open the double doors...Two men in black suits walked in and bowed as the man following behind them...made his appearance...and spoke

    "The Venue is most welcome and splendid as always...If I'd known you'd pick a venue out like this, I would have dressed appropriately.."

    The Man with the womanly features replied with a smile before standing up, placing left hand over his stomach and bowing

    "The Favored of my dear Master needs nothing short of divine...even if it for a has indeed been a long time....Adrian.."

    Ost for this part:

    Adrian smiled, his eyes slender as the piercing blue glanced around the room, he wore a fitted grey suit, followed with a thin next tie, complimented with silver cufflinks. He chuckled and extended his hand to the man with womanly features...

    "You who have gone by many names, my master's oldest friend...what do you call yourself now?....Vanatul? Ruhan? or is it the more popular name.....

    He grinned as he took Adrian's hand, straightening his posture

    "For you? Any will do, but if you insist...Matthias...Matthias Rainer..."

    He let out a soft chuckle before gesturing Adrian to the table

    "You have a fan, who has heard a great many things about you and your....delicacies..."

    He said in a sly tone, almost as if he were hissing...Adrian looked at the man Matthias gestured to....only to see the chef, biting his lip in awe....his hands trembling...his face red and his in a trance

    "I have long..."

    He gets up, reaching for Adrian's right hand with both of his...raising it to his face, closing his eyes and taking a whiff, his nostrils flare and his eyes flutter in ecstasy...

    "D-divine...I am your biggest fan...I have seen what you do and I've seen you do it well....A wolf in sheep's clothing....the smell of intoxication and blood writhes from you...I-i have prepared you the most f-fitting banquet...only suitable for a lion such as yourself...I hope you enjoy.."

    His top eyelids lowered...narrowing his eyes as he took one more quiet sniff of Adrian's fingers and sat back down in his chair. Adrian chuckled, his eyes smiled gently with his lips..

    "I am in your care..."

    His voice lit the room...The chef shivered and crossed his legs, looking at the window. Matthias laughed before clapping

    "Now now boys, we can play later...Adrian, sit....the show is about to begin..."

    Matthias pulls out the chair for Adrian, allowing him to sit gracefully, Adrian reaches for the napkin on the place and slowly positions it over his thighs before looking out the window, down at the stage

    "I have heard that tonight's performance is one of rarity..."

    One of the butlers walked over with a tray of red wine and 3 glasses. Placing one beside each plate and pouring half glasses for the three of them, Adrian nodded in thanks and reached for his glass, wrapping his fingers around the cold perspiring glass before lifting it slowly below his nose...allowing him to take in its scent, he closed his eyes, enjoying the smell before placing the glass softly between his lips, as the wine slipped passed his teeth and down his throat. Finally putting the glass down, he looked at Matthias and smiled

    "Should I be excited?"

    Matthias laced his fingers together and put his elbows to rest on the table before slowly sitting his chin above his knuckles and allowed his lips to spread into a toothy smile, his eyes narrowing as they smiled with him

    "Very, very excited...but before that, how have you been? It appears none have heard nothing from you in over 40 years, including him.."

    Adrian smiles softly, looking down at his plate and playing with his fork

    "That's funny, considering one such as yourself is allowed to vanish for more than 100 years and none say a word...I'm beginning to feel special"

    He chuckled and Matthias glanced down at his wine glass

    "I've had my own....Complications, besides, I've already established an agreement to be left to my own devices, however, if summoned then I shall attend, but you, however? His old tongue kept mentioning how the young protege had grown into a king of kings. More suitable for such a position than his that? that statement left me in ghastly excitement....The most esteemed Adrian, being praised more than the Beasts daughters? I'm shocked...I questioned how the young blonde boy who fled his home could win over the master of the tongue and sight himself...yet looking at how you've grown? I can't say I'm shocked anymore...Snake of Hermes..."

    He grinned mischievously upon hissing Adrian's rumored nickname, reaching for his wine glass and raising it to his lip, sipping before placing it down

    "Quite a name they call you...Begs the question, what feats does one have to do in order to attain such a less the snake of the trickster..."

    He gave a quick glance at the chef, he was swaying to the music. He then closed his eyes and turned back to Adrian, gauging his reaction

    "My forked tongue has bore fruit and the people danced as I hissed at their leisure and spoke of their pleasure...."

    His eyes looked at Matthias...with such grace, yet held the look of a hawk...staring deep into his very being

    "I did nothing but simply cast a spell...I added Oil to flame...nothing more, nothing less...though that said, I was taught by Hermes himself..."

    Matthias chuckled and ran his gloved covered fingers through his hair

    "You flatter me...but I'm surprised you remembered my short were only young..."

    Adrian looked at the ceiling

    "How could I forget? was an eventual night..."

    Matthias turned to face the stage, repositioning himself as the curtains opened...and a young androgynous boy, with dark purple hair, a pink shirt with a black waistcoat and black suit pants, stood at center stage with a violin

    "Indeed it was..." Matthias replied with a smile, his finger sat between his molars. The room and the entire theatre hall fell the young boy smiled, bowed...and gently placed the violin just beneath his chin...positioning the stick over the strings...and with a deep breath...began to play


    The show had begun...