Laughter at the Opera Part 3 - When the rapture comes

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    As the Solo came to a close, the theatre thundered with the sounds of the audience clapping and cheering, for such a mesmerizing performance. The elegance and grace the Violinist had showed matched his beauty, soft features, almost womanly like soft purple hair. Gentle soft eyes and smooth skin, pale soft skin. As he smiled, his postured held a dignified glow, A radiance that caught the eyes of many in the audience to swoon over him, He stood straight with his violin. His smile, innocent and pure, his irises, a deep crimson, resembling blood. As he looked up, each motion as graceful as the wind, his eyes lit up, his heart fluttered, peering up at the VIP section, glancing at the man who looked down at him from the window, Tall, with black hair....Matthias smiled at the performer, tilting his head to the side and giving a gentle wave, The performer blushed, looking down and bowing. Matthias chuckles as he turns away, closing the curtains, leaving the performer to the audience.

    Adrian sits with a soft smile, his eyes closed as he continues to play around with his fork

    "Acquaintance of yours?"

    Matthias narrows his eyes in an almost seductive and secretive manner, before running his red glove covered hand through the locks of his hair, taking a deep breath

    "And Old one, you could say..."

    He walks back to his seat and sits down, gently watching as the butlers and maids begin serving their plates, the scent and aroma of each dish fill the sense of smell of those in the room. Adrian's nostrils flare momentarily before Matthias raises his hand ever so slightly at one of the butlers, signaling them to not reveal the dish that sits in front of Adrian

    "Ah ah ah! Not just yet, this dish, in particular, is one that requires your fullest attention, as such...allow me.."

    He gets up, reaching into a pocket and takes out a soft silk black cloth, gently walking and positioning himself behind Adrian's chair and slipping the cloth over his eyes, pulling it back and tying it tight. Adrian keeps his smile and chuckles

    "I didn't know you were into this, it seems out playdate scheduled for later will be a lot more fun than I imagined..."

    He lay his hands over his own thighs and Matthias chuckled, tying the knot tight on the cloth, gently running his hands over Adrian's ears, leaning down slightly to reach them and biting his lip, letting out soft laugh

    "Shhh, my turn to tease~"

    His soft dark eyes rose up to the meet the eyes of the butler, nodding softly. The butler bowed slightly, lifting the lid of the main tray sat in front of Adrian, revealing a beautiful Gourmet dish, The Aroma causes Adrian to shiver, taking a deep breath before exhaling

    "Oh my, the smell...what is it?"

    His mouth began to water, The butler smiled, closing his eyes and taking a step back, Matthias held a deep grin, taking his left hand and directing the steam of the food to Adrian's nose, tempting him and bribing his nose with the scent

    "Like it? Smells good, doesn't it? it's actually something you've eaten before, it's Osso Buco with saffron-scented risotto"

    He reached for Adrian's fork and knife, cutting a part of the meat and raising it slightly over his lips, glancing at the chef who sat waiting anxiously beside Adrian, with a lust deeply engraved in him, excited to hear his opinion and shock

    "Ah, Oss Bucco, is the meat Veal? Lamb?"

    Matthias grinned deeply, prompting Adrian to open his mouth as the meat grazed his lips. As he did, Adrian's lips parted and and Matthias slipped the fork inside, watching his tongue settle below the meat, pulling it deep into his mouth, Matthias smiles, slipping the fork out of his mouth and watches Adrian chew with satisfaction, as the taste settles in. His chest rises, showing bliss and it falls as he relaxes in the ecstasy of the mixture of flavors, before speaking

    "This is not lamb or Veal...Chef, would you be so kind as to tell me...?"

    As he speaks, the red liquid from the meat begins to drip gently from his bottom lip and he licks it softly, The chef, with chin resting on the palm of his hands as his elbows nest gently on the table, begins to laugh and his eyes close slowly before he parts his lips and speaks

    "Neither Lamb....Nor Veal"

    Matthias then takes off the cloth from around his eyes, allowing Adrian to lay eyes on the dish before his eyes then widen....he then laughs, shaking his head as his eyes narrow gently smiling with his lips

    "It's Man...Beautiful, Beautiful Man..."

    His blue eyes glance over at the chef, whose eyes have swollen in anticipation and anxiousness


    Adrian reaches for the white cloth beside his plate, raising it to wipe his lips

    "It's delicious, a splendid starter, I'm craving for the main..."

    His eyes held a deep look., one of purity and power at the same time, though also one of a snake, causing the chef to shiver...almost in one could have a look of such purity was almost criminal as if he he spoke, the chef felt a wave of...submission strike him, as if he was dancing to the words that adrian let escape from his mother, hs eyes blurred ever so slightly, his head began to weigh heavy, however he felt no sense of resistence, it was almost as if his body wished for this, his eyes softened, his breathing grew heavier before suddenly Matthias's red glove covered hands gently squeezed his shoulders, relaxing him

    "Careful now, Like the winds of the winter, cold and sharp, yet blissful and soothing, melodic almost, matching one's mood...such is the tongue of the snake...dancing to the notes given by your emotions, do not slip...Isn't that right...Adrian?"

    Matthias red piercing eyes glanced over, deeply into Adrian's sky blue ones...both meeting each other gaze before smiling at each other

    "You are indeed correct..."

    He cleared his throat and reached for his glass of wine, taking a sip before getting up and walking over to the window, glancing down at the theatre, as the guests indulged themselves in drinks and dishes, whilst the orchestra continued to play, the first interval would come to end shortly in around 20 mins, giving Adrian the time he needed to address what he wanted, he gently placed his hand on the window and spoke

    "So Matthias, what is the reason for inviting me here..."

    Matthias rose his posture and squeezed the shoulder of the chef once again, signaling him to leave, before glancing at the maids, butlers, and people in the owl masks to leave also. Once they leave Matthias then takes a deep breath, tracing his fingers along the table before walking towards the window and leaning against it, glancing down at the theatre and stage

    "As a collector, I figured you'd be interested in an auction as grand as this...I hear you've been looking to acquire pieces of a journal under my seems you're the not the only one who currently after it....As you know, I've gone by many names but Karlan is the name that strikes many cords into the hearts of people who know him. I decided to play a game...scattering bits and pieces here and there to see who finds what first, however, I did not believe in my wildest dreams that someone would have found the first..."

    Adrian closes his eyes

    "The Journal of Vanatul...someone has found it?"

    Matthias shrugs slowly

    "A page of it, at least...however despite that being the main concern considering how my beginnings originate in that Journal and how...our master came to be the being he is today....there is another reason as to why you are here.."

    Adrian opens his eyes softly, breathing slowly before turning his gaze at Matthias who is looking down directly at the stage

    "This auction, in particular, is one of many, some items...even people and the person of interest today is one currently being sought out....both by the Youngest daughter our master himself and the vile mafia of today...."

    Adrian's eyes twitch ever so slightly

    "You mean, a person being auctioned at this current venue is being hunted by Monara?"

    Matthias closes his eyes and shakes his head

    "Hunted isn't the word...more like...rescued...They say a phoenix can be reborn once it dies...however, this Phoenix has died in such a way that Monara believes it be in possible for her to be reborn....she's lost her very reason for being..."

    Adrian looks cautiously, with a slight tilt of his gaze

    "Matthias...who is it that is being presented?...."

    Matthias runs his middle finger over his bottom lip

    "Captured recently...holding the dead body of her younger brother...lifeless and dead, she was taken with ease...."

    He glances at Adrian as Adrian's eyes widen

    "It can't be...."

    Matthias's eyes sadden almost mockingly of Adrian's expression..

    "Verena...or previously as known as..."

    To be Continued