Laughter at the Opera Part 4 - Speak No Evil

  • His pupils dilated slightly, avoiding the pained expression of shock that slowly tugged at his skin, crafting itself onto the now expressionless mask he wore as a face...His eyes narrowed before he closed them, taking a deep breath and parting his lips to exhale. Opening his eyes slowly, his sky blue, glimmering as the lights of the grand chandeliers reflected so sweetly from their gaze, they glanced down at the center stage, the spotlight carving a circle for the host of the tonight's Event, Adrian watched carefully as a woman, dressed in traditional black Chinese cheongsam, sitting perfectly on her curvy frame. Her dark skin held an elegance, that of a rare gem unseen that left the audience in awe, chattering amongst themselves behind their masks, they watched her every move, as if entranced. Her Violet eyes slanted, piercing through the shadowed darkness that was her beautiful eyelashes, her short black hair reaching halfway down her neck, with a fringe draped over her forehead and a Knitting needle to lock her bun in place, she looked around before bowing to the audience and rising once more. She took a step towards the Microphone that was being chauffeured to the center stage by security and parted her lips to speak

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, We thank you for attending this grand event and your patience"

    She smiled, her voice spoke like the wind, serene, clear and gentle. She held the Microphone tight, her fingers wrapped softly around it, holding it against her lips to get her voice further across

    "Allow me to introduce myself, I am your host for tonight's auction, Nayla Shuzen. I know many of you have travelled far and wide to attend this Auction, as such who would miss such an event that happens once every 5 years, the anticipation for this year's Items, antiques and treasures is high and we know a great deal of you who have had their eyes on many of what we will show here today, So without further ado, let us bring out the list of items"

    His ears were numb the sounds of chattering audience, though open to the hissing of the snake as his tongue spoke the name of whom he knows very well...he questioned it...repeating the name to himself. known as Kyoka, but what was she doing here? How was she acquired as something to auctioned? No, Adrian knew, this was a sinners Market, a place of demons and devils in human skin. Tainted wolves and snarling Pigs with an endless gluttony, forever to be unsatisfied. He took a sigh before closing his eyes as the auction went underway

    "Matthias, to ask how you know of such information would indeed be an insult but tonight I dare jest, how is she here and how do you know?"

    His eye lids parting to reveal the sharpness in his eyes, he glanced at Matthias, as the snake himself held his tongue, his index finger pressed over his lips as he silenced Adrian, before pointing his finger at the stage to direct his attention, running his fingers through his hair before closing his eyes and turning his back against the window. Leaning against it and crossing his arms

    “Just by mere mention of her name, have I peaked your interest now? What say you Adrian? You’ve had your eyes on many prices, but none such as the secrets within you beckon so sweetly...A snake does hear whispers here and there, how you tasted and you savored…”

    He Hissed the words out from his mouth, he leaned closer to Adrian, running his hand up his own neck and wrapping his fingers around it, as if to dig his fingers and draw blood, his red iris began to glimmer...settling deep within the gaze of adrian’s soft features, like the sun casting its face behind the mountain tops during sunset...Matthias tilts his head every so slightly to his left, biting his lip as he relishes in Adrian’s expression, as he eyes are locked at center stage, the items for the auctioned are brought out one by one, and there she sat on her knees with a rope around her neck, with cloth around her eyes, draped in a black cloak, cut and bruised and stripped bare. Kyoka, now an item to be showcased, a price to bought, Adrian’s eyes flickered, albeit for a fraction of a second...He felt an unease, he looked at her bare and bruised skin, before glancing down at the countless peering, whistling and expression their admiration for what they now saw, as only a price, a trophy to be bought. Adrian could not help but feel a deep frustration, almost bordering anger, he sighed and his eyes ever so slowly, narrowing throwing a glance at the Devious Matthias, who’s eyes slanted, as i grinning, however Adrian could not tell. For whether he was grinning, he could see, as his mouth was covered by the blood red glove covered hand. Adrian peered at the Androgynous man, black sclera and red piercing eyes...Matthias was indeed a snake

    ”Matthias, Your devilish eyes hold the gaze of someone who has watched all his cards unfold in the right places. I dare not ask anymore as to how or why she was acquired..I merely asked that whatever scheme you have festering within that wretched gut, Quench it. Let it die. For Kyoka is no longer a prize to bought, she is mine.”

    Matthias couldn’t help but snicker under his breath. He closed his eyes and laced a strand of hair behind his ear and reopens his eyes, gazing at Adrian as he turns to leave the room.

    ”Heading off so soon, to save the meal you couldn’t finish. Maybe Aluien was mistaken, is his favored but a common man? Bounded by common desires, such as the rest of them chasing for a meaning, lingering in their pointless endeavours...I figured you’d be a man who’d no hold smile to chaos, no shiver to the cold. No sweat to the heat...and yet, for a brief moment, your heart wavered, much like a pianist whose mind has sunken deep within the sheet of music he writes and as he places his fingers upon the gold Piano keys, he laments...his waver is now a tool, an instrument to guide his fingers...Adrian, Stay. Grant me the honor of peering further into the mind of he, my master holds in the highest regard.”

    Adrian paused for a moment, his fingers already wrapped tightly around the door knob, his skin set deep on the cold brass sending a slight shiver through his fingers and hand

    ”Heh, The Pianist...The common man, The one shunted off from emotion, they all have a note in common, the search for meaning but to run along with your plight, allow me to indeed grant you the pleasure of indulgence into your metaphor.”

    He turns and faces Matthias, who stands, facing Adrian with his back against the window. Both can hear the constant bidding of those who’d seek to buy Kyoka as their toy...But adrian calms himself, his lips stretch into a slight smile, before he walks and traces his fingers along the expertly carved designs of the table...and finally parting his lips to speak

    ”Since the dawn of thought, man has endeavored to understand his world.”

    He pulls up a chair and gently seats himself, crossing his right leg over his left and resting his hands, fingers laced over his knee cap

    ”On the inside and on the out, they categorize in binary terms, a dichotomy of good and evil emerging to describe their surroundings. It was not uncommon for that which was warm and comforting to be known as good, and that which was cold and cruel to become evil. The seats in the theatre are an example of the destruction of such a dichotomy. The birth of a blurred line, but I digress...One might understand routine and harmony as comforting… while randomness and meaningless suffering became cruel; good and evil emerged through mankind's natural binary understanding of harmony and disharmony, as such these feelings became most often associated with a higher power….”

    He looks at the table carving, his mind focusing on both his thoughts and the history of the carvings, the delicate attention to detail often astounding, as if even the carving of the now basic needs of common society, could become works of art

    ”To the faithful, this was a creator in the truest sense of the word, an author of all things, who had both infinite benevolence and unending compassion for the world beneath him and for them; however to the analytic, as some might call them, one might see a natural harmony expressed in their feelings of right and wrong, a morality born of the interactions sparking chemical responses in their brains, which then perceived stimuli as good or evil..such is the analysis I will give for this, despite my other feelings. Surface level understanding is best translated to explaining viewpoints such as these, as they serve best to get the point across, but yes, In either case, the concept of both right and wrong, good and evil acted as a forefront. However, for the faithful, those who sought out meaning in the purpose of the Microcosm, one might understand that there was a champion, in some cases, All-powerful, and of such virtues, it sparked a flame for he or she was, one who felt care for all those he watched over. However, in both cases, they understand that suffering remained in the world was a given law. In both cases, one might find themselves suffering eternally, the analytics would ask if such is the case, what benevolent author would allow such a thing? Dare I say, many would act it out as an exam, the first stages would be the prep, the understanding of scale in which both loads are weighed against each other. Here, in this very theatre, the masses have converged, the benevolence, that Man once sought, has birthed something deeper, something darker, you could almost say it was born of cannibalism, in the sense of the Miasma of death that followed the analytical understanding of the world's functions...Gave birth to this, blurred line.

    Matthias listened carefully, his eyes softened as he was without a doubt encapsulated by what Adrian was saying, he walked towards the table and also took a seat, placing his elbows on the table and crossing his forearms, overlapping each other, looking at the blond man who’s deep blue eyes seem to illuminate a darkness that brewed within him, as such was this Monologue, this dissection of thought a way to combat the anger towards Matthias; had the snake bore it’s fangs too quickly and allowed its tongue to slither out? He did not know, he simply listened

    Adrian now had his eyes fixated on Matthias’s gaze. Sitting deep within his view and he continued, flexing his fingers


    He blinked, tapping a sequence of notes on the table with his fingers, Mimicking the sounds of horse galloping

    "One may find, when digging, the answer rests in a multitude of analogies but allow me to poke at a simple analogy.”

    Matthias felt his vision begin to blur ever so slightly, his head beginning to pound at the base of his skull, his eyes twitched, the surrounds began to distort before he quickly blinked and everything returned back to normal. He kept his composure and made it so that no sign of unease and discomfort was shown...but he realized it too late, he already been dancing to Adrian’s tune, from the moment he had been entranced by what he was saying, it was no mere accident, the snake’s tongue had wrapped him in it’s hissing, now it was simply a matter of getting out

    ”Consider the harmony of a piano's music as the absolute good, a song penned by the author representing a moral vision which, if achieved, would produce the greatest joy and beauty in the world. The composer, with great care, places a book of sheet music upon the piano... open for all to see. If followed to the letter, it would introduce self-fulfillment and bliss to the player. There would be those who, perhaps, would not be able to play the music, or not be able to read the notes; yet all had the potential to catch on eventually. There may be those who would choose to play their own melody with the tools they've been given... It would not be objectively inferior to that on the page, though there is no doubt that those who played this music would not be in harmony with all those others who sought bliss in the composer's original vision... In playing another tune, they would have effectively removed themselves from the composer's ensemble; would they be able to bear the relative suffering of missing out on the infinite bliss of the composer's masterpiece? It would have been their choice to play a tune which was not written on their stand, or to refuse to play at all, but in their humanity, they may question, "Why would I ever be permitted to play another song by the composer, who knew that in my humanity I may make that choice? That I might be separate from the harmony in the end?" And such is where you find the Monsters in human skin. The ones that wish to border the line, to fiddle and meddle with the traces of blood that failed to stay underneath the fragility that came with playing the tune of the composer. For they forged their own, as such when forging your own notes, one may take into account what another can come across, In my case? I wrote a sheet of notes in looking for a response, whoever could dance to my music, would be the one who I would tremble towards. Their feet would be nothing short of divine, I never found my second Pianist, but what I did find? Was a missing note, for why was I looking for another to give me the self-fulfillment with my own sound?...Maybe it was-...No. That comes another time. Though the missing note that allowed my music to flourish placed the pieces of my incompleteness together and in the orchestra of my rebirth, There I saw flames of beauty, a beauty like no other who had been forged in tragedy. Was she the answer? She became my Fulfillment and for a brief moment, a fleeting moment within those years I found her by the seat of the man I would now call master…”

    Images of Aluien and his time in Germany with the Adalbert family reeled over his eyes, his times with Kyoka in the shadow of secrecy, though, not secret enough to draw suspicion...he smiles upon remembering

    ”I fell for the Phoenix but she had another goal, a much deeper drive...and now, to find my notes sullied, rearranged in ways that have transformed it into a thing unknown. How I, as the composer, weep. And so I leave you with this, I will see to it that my missing note is properly tended to, my orchestra must go on, this is not a sheet of music I wish to stop playing just yet, neither is it a meal I plan to finish”

    He raised his hand and snapped his fingers, Matthias blinked rapidly...realization that Adrian was gone, his face looked pale as if the life had been sucked out of him, he took a deep sigh and ran his hand over his face, shaking his head and beginning to laugh

    ”Oh my...Look, Look at him, Look at the monster we’ve bore fruit, no...Look at the monster he always was, I hope you are proud Aluien...Your favored has indeed shown his true nature...Like father, like son...”

    Matthias got up and walked to the window, glancing down at the theatre and stage, noticing the security walking out onto the stage and whispered into Nayla’s ear, she held a face of discomfort, glancing up at the window, right at Matthias, biting her lip in anxiety before looking at the audience, nodding and speaking into the mic

    ”Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just received an announcement, that Kyoka had just been collected by one of ou-...”

    She didn't finish...No, Matthias no longer heard the ending of her sentence..

    Matthias’s hearing flatlined, was it self-induced? As there was no cause for it...he closed his eyes, raised his hands as if picking up the conductor's stick and his hearing began to return, the roar of that followed from the masses of the audience who were displeased with this new development...The stage was ransacked, by the animals that they were, Nayla was escorted out by the security and chaos ensued, Matthias laughed, waving his hands at the music being played